World Backup Day: Top 5 Cyber Security Companies In 2023

World Backup Day: Top 5 Cyber Security Companies In 2023

Cyber security is a collection of methods used to safeguard systems that are connected to the internet. Computers, networks, software, and data can all be protected. Unauthorized cyber-attacks are carried out via ransomware, malware, social engineering, and phishing, among other methods.

Organizations and individuals can use cyber security to safeguard their systems and data against illegal access.

Cybersecurity gives you numerous advantages, like better productivity, increased client confidence, customer protection, and a decreased likelihood of your website being down. It also safeguards systems and data from threats.

We will thoroughly examine the top Internet security companies in this article.

1. Cipher CIS
2. McAfee
3. Symantec
4. Cisco
5. FireEye

1. Cipher CIS


Red Team Services, Cyber Intelligence Services, Cyber Technology Integration, Managed Security Services, Managed Detection and Response, and Governance Risk and Compliance.

By a customised approach using both client-provided legacy technology and Cipher-provided technologies, Cipher Managed Security Services (MSS) delivers a diverse array of 24/7 SOC services to satisfy the expectations of a wide range of companies.

Cipher uses technology and techniques that have been carefully demonstrated to reduce false-positives and false-negatives while enhancing responsiveness to quickly contain cyberattacks. Automatic analysis using robust asset-based evaluations to track your degree of compliance with regulations including PCI, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, and FISMA.

Highly qualified certified security specialists monitor threats in real time from our 24-hour SOC, identify any malicious behaviour, and conduct investigations.

Cipher can quickly confine and eliminate attacks by identifying the attack vector, creating a timeline of activities, and identifying the scope of the compromise.

It’s licenced security professionals provide us with unrestricted remediation support and security counselling around-the-clock.

Cipher may evaluate each phase of your software development process, from developing to maintaining, and test your systems using dynamic and static methodologies.

2. McAfee


Online security, endpoint security, network security, server security, database security, security management, data protection & encryption, and security analytics. The industry leader in online security is McAfee. It prioritise safeguarding people over protecting technology. With incorporated, simple-to-use solutions, it empowers it’s consumers to confidently enjoy life online by adapting to their demands.

Leading internet security provider McAfee® works to make everyone’s experience online safe and pleasurable. In addition to it’s antivirus software, which keeps people secure across a variety of activities, devices, and locations. Also McAfee offers complete protection to protect people’s privacy and identity. It’s protection liberates and enables our customers to live their lives online with confidence.

By making it easier to stay safe online, however and wherever connect, McAfee protects millions of people across the world and liberates them to experience more. Our cutting-edge technology empowers users to take control of their personal information, easily navigate hazards, and make wiser decisions.

No matter their age, interests, or level of technology knowledge, McAfee is made to respond to the specific needs of every member of the family, keeping them secure and offering easy ways to improve their online safety.

Our products can be ordered online, in physical stores, from cell phone carriers, ISPs, device manufacturers, or other McAfee partners. It mix a track record of success on a worldwide scale with a dedication to investing in the future of online.

3. Symantec


Information protection, endpoint security, email security, network security, and cloud security are all examples of advanced threat protection.

For the biggest, most complex companies in the world, Symantec Enterprise Cloud offers data-centric hybrid security that works on devices, in private data centres, and in the cloud.

Some of the features such as

Consistent Compliance:

Implement compliance rules consistently throughout the infrastructure, and manage accordingly.

Secure Remote Work:

Keep vital company assets secure no matter where they are located or from where they are accessible.

Security from threats and data everywhere:

Combine intelligence from several control points to recognise, thwart, and stop specific attacks.

As it enters its fifth decade, Symantec is a well-known cybersecurity company with a strong track record of success. As a division of Broadcom, Symantec collaborates with leading businesses to create cutting-edge solutions by developing, acquiring, integrating, and expanding cutting-edge cybersecurity technology.

In order to maximise effectiveness, efficiency, and user experience, enforce policies at the “closest point” to the user. There isn’t any needless traffic switching between on-premises and the cloud to implement security controls.
Service Edge for Safe Access (SASE) a data-centric SASE method that streamlines network and security services while lowering complexity and enhancing security.

Zero Trust Security is a data-centric security architecture built around the idea that businesses shouldn’t blindly believe in anything or anyone.

Security in the Financial Sector

Learn more about our varied software offering, which safeguards the biggest financial institutions on the planet and helps them to provide cutting-edge, flexible, and secure services to clients and personnel.

4. Cisco


Security services, a firewall, malware protection, email and endpoint security, cloud security, and multi-factor authentication.

Some of the key points Cisco provides such as

combined work

Improve your agility by providing your employees with smooth, safe, and hybrid work environments that give them control at home, at the office, or anywhere else.

Connection Security

Network and security operations should be combined into a single cloud-based service.

Zero Faith

Frustrating users won’t affect productivity; frustrating hackers will.

Comprehensive Detection and Response (XDR)

Extend your research so you can take action on what really matters.

You need to step up your security in a hybrid world. Get visibility and control over encrypted communications, shield against unheard-of attacks, and deal with dangers on networks, clouds, apps, users’ devices, and endpoints.

5. FireEye


Security measures for the cloud, managed security, email, endpoints, and networks.

FireEye looks for the following things:

malware, including ransomware, crimeware, and advanced malware (made with a specific target and purpose).
infamously awful Internet addresses. Using command-and-control traffic nodes, an attacker can take command of and manipulate a compromised machine.

In terms of top Security Incident Response and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) products, FireEye Helix is the top-ranked option.

The Organizations that care about security pick FireEye for its industry-leading, all-encompassing defence against sophisticated threats.

Best-in-class threat protection tools are provided by FireEye Oculus, together with 24/7 global support and comprehensive, usable threat intelligence.

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