Ram Navami: A Wonderful Teaching for All People to Progress in Life

Ram Navami: A Wonderful Teaching for All People to Progress in Life

Lord Ram is an ideal representation of THE IDEAL HUMAN BEING because he is modest and dignified. Lord Rama is Lord Vishnu’s seventh appearance as a human being in this dimension of reality. In stark contrast to his other avatar, Lord Krishna, Rama has distinguished himself by adopting a very laid-back outlook on life. He is the very definition of justice, truth, and Hindutva.

The Ramayana, one of Hindu mythology’s major epics and a work of Sage Valmiki, stresses the triumph of good over evil. It is not just a story; it is also a teaching tool that has passed down through the years the moral code or “Dharma.” This is more than just a story;

1.Honor your elders

By always adhering to the instructions of His parents and Guru, Lord Ram demonstrated to us that the dharma of a kid is to obey the elders. Elders and instructors have wisdom that we should cherish and heed. He went into exile at his stepmother’s request and accepted to face monsters like Thataki at his father’s simple request. He embodies Aadharsh Balak in every way. Even though you may not agree with what your parents did, they may have ultimately done what was best for you.

2. The Value Of Friends

Sugreeva and Vibhishana are two examples of people He helped after becoming friends with them. He kept in touch with His buddies. Make genuine friends! Hanuman and Laxman are both followers of Lord Rama and more than just brothers. They have repeatedly shown that they are Rama’s closest pals. As a brother, he had given his brother Bharat the weight of the kingdom and his brother Shatrughna the duty of the family.
Friends will always have your back, no matter how precarious the situation. The finest friends you will ever have in your life are those you already have—your family and siblings.

3. Never Give Up

Even if it can take a day, a week, or even years, never give up on your goal. Rama spent a long time hunting for Sita when she was being held hostage by Lanka’s king Ravan, but he never backed down or even considered giving up. Such is the strength of love and the commitment one has to their objectives. Rama constantly succeeded in completing anything that He undertook. He never attempted anything half-heartedly, whether it was defeating the demons in the forest, assisting Sugreeva in the murder of Vali, or finishing the 14-year exile. You can never fail if you have devotion and determination.

4. Good triumphs against Evil

While a ruthless and haughty monarch, Ravana had a high level of intelligence. In order to exact revenge on them and his brother Laxman for having severed the nose of his sister Surpanakha, he kidnaps Lord Rama’s wife Sita. Lord Rama ultimately prevails in the conflict and saves Sita. So, no matter how difficult life’s circumstances, good will always win out over evil.

5. Remain calm

He has endured terrifying ordeals, epic battles against mythical creatures, and other difficult situations without ever losing his composure. Since the beginning of the mythos, Lord Rama has possessed a tremendous amount of power and perfect control over his feelings and emotions. Regardless of the circumstances, try and keep a cool head. You panicking won’t help solve the crisis.

6. Hatred Is Never The Answer

Rama never once harboured any animosity towards Vibhishan when he came to him after being exiled from his own kingdom, even if his people were unsure about it. They all started to recognise Rama’s insight after they realised how valuable Vibhishan’s knowledge and experience were to them. The key is never prejudice. There could be something strange about what you’ve encountered, but if you go past the obvious traits, you’ll discover the true worth of the people, circumstances, and chances you’ve encountered.

7.Real Love

When it came to saving his wife Sita from the clutches of the King of Lanka, Ravana, Lord Rama did not spare any effort. He was devastated to learn that Sita had been taken by the ruthless demon King, but with determination and zeal, he was able to wage war on Ravana and return Sita to their home. The only woman Lord Rama has ever considered in his life is Sita. When his wife was kidnapped, he decided to take on history’s greatest evil. The major idea and message of the Ramayana were his love for his wife.

8. Place a Higher Importance on Unity and Relationships Than Greed, Pride, and Power.

Lord Rama cherished all connections. He voluntarily decided to live in a wilderness for 14 years in order to preserve his father’s highly regarded honour. His half-brother Laxman even accompanied him to vanvas during this time to help him.

The three wives and four sons of King Dashratha shared a deep love for one another. Even though they were separated physically, their hearts remained connected because of how pure their love was.

Another brother of Lord Ram who received the powerful throne, Bharat, never saw himself as a king. Instead, he awaited King Rama’s arrival at his house before returning the kingdom to him.

As a family, always be on the same side. The benefits of unity will give you power.

As a family, always be on the same side. The benefits of unification will provide us the chance to transcend greed, resentment, and power. If we value and respect life more, we will automatically appreciate and respect love more. Our soul is also purified, and it puts us on the right path for creating positive karma.

9. Don’t associate with negative people

Rama was more adored by Queen Kaikeyi, Dashratha’s third wife, than her own son Bharat. Manthara, her handmaiden, poisoned her mind with unfavourable thoughts, nevertheless. Manthara persuaded Kaikeyi to exile Rama, and she insisted that Bharat be declared king.

Thus, be on the lookout for unfavourable advice and keep away from them. All the good you possess can be easily brainwashed by a bad thinking.

10. Vengeance loses to forgiveness

When Ravana found out that Laxman had made fun of his sister Surpanakha, he went out for retribution and kidnapped Sita. But this need for vengeance ended up taking his life. Lord Rama and Sita, on the other hand, were compassionate and forgiving to everyone. Even Rama’s stepmother Kaikeyi, who was in charge of putting him into exile, was pardoned.

Be merciful therefore. Retaliation and anger do no good and prevent us from progressing to better things.

At the foot of our lover, we should offer ourselves. We achieve Nirvana or Moksha and are liberated from birth and death when we offer ourselves at the feet of the omnipresent. We ought to be courteous and lend a hand to a buddy. As Lakshmana insults his sister Soorpanakha and gets caught in Ravana’s web of rage, betrayal, and retribution, Ravana intends to teach his brother Rama a lesson. Because of this, we ought to develop a forgiving mindset as opposed to one of vengeance, arrogance, or resentment. Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your rival and be aware of the chances and threats that come with them.

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