Top 5 Most Selling Bike in World

The best bike manufacturers have been expanding globally and across continents for years. Top bike manufacturers have prioritised innovation, fuel economy, features, fashionable appearance, etc. All of the businesses have a robust global distribution network and guarantee excellent customer satisfaction with additional post-sale services. All bike and two-wheeler brand sales have decreased as a result of the pandemic year, both in terms of income and units sold.

1. Honda.


In addition to dominating the automobile business, Honda Motors Company Ltd. has developed into the largest motorbike manufacturer in the world. The corporation currently operates 33 production sites across 22 different countries. With the help of its wholly owned subsidiary Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India Pvt, the corporation conducts business in India. Ltd, a company based in Manesar, Gurgaon. In the Indian market, the corporation holds a market share of about 27%. ATVs and motorbikes together were produced by the business in a total of 19,554 thousand units. This is an increase of 10.7% from the prior year. One of their products, Super Cub, passed the 100 million unit mark in 2017.

Sales increased in Europe and Asia, particularly in India and Vietnam, whereas their respective big markets, the United States, Brazil, and Japan, saw declines. The company’s sales in Brazil dropped significantly, by roughly 28%, as a result of the country’s ongoing economic crisis. The company has begun working toward the electrification of its motorcycle by focusing this more on its commuter models while striving toward sustainability and an environmentally friendly future for the industry. The company is committed to release a few models before the end of this year, including an electric scooter.

2. Harley Davidson.


The American company Harley Davidson has significantly impacted the motorcycle industry.
The business was established in the city of Wisconsin in 1903, and since then it has grown to be a cult motorbike brand. The company wants to build a bike brand that is recognisable globally and commands attention thanks to its powerful build and performance. Revenue for the business dropped by 12% to $5.3B. Harley Davidson has operations in more than 100 nations and has bought out businesses to expand. The business employs a sizable workforce and has operations in more than 100 nations. The brand has made significant development investments and is reaping the benefits.

Its portfolio includes a large number of bikes, most of which fall into one of the six categories (Street, V-rod, Dyna, Sportster, Touring, and Soft tail), each of which is distinguished by its engine, chassis, suspension, and other features.

3. Hero Moto Corp.


Hero is one of the top brands in the Indian industry, with a market share of more than 50% for motorcycles and a market share of about 40% for two-wheelers.

Six manufacturing facilities overall for the corporation, five of which are in India and one in Columbia. Additionally, the business has increased its global presence to 35 different nations and is slated to open its seventh production facility in Bangladesh. The 100-125cc motorbike market is where the company is most dominant. The company is attempting to enter the premium market, which has increased by around $20 since the previous year.

Two-wheeler exports fell by roughly 5.9% as a result of regional political and economic issues. The corporation has set its sights primarily on Bangladesh and Nepal, both of which have consistently displayed double-digit growth. Because of the huge demand for entry-level motorcycles in Bangladesh in particular, the company’s decision to establish a manufacturing unit there is warranted. To combat the threat of fake parts, the corporation recently launched the campaign “Fight false, stay safe.” The business has teamed up with German off-road racing expert Speedbrain Gmbh in order to establish itself on the motorsports scene.

4. Bajaj Auto.


A manufacturing company with its headquarters in Pune, India is called Bajaj Auto.

Bajaj Auto continues to be one of the world’s leading bike companies despite a 4.3% reduction in sales volume and a 5% increase in revenue. In reality, for the past four years, the company’s motorcycle division has not experienced any growth. The company’s downward sloping growth curve gives their top management pause because they are the second largest motorbike manufacturer in India and the fourth largest in the world in terms of revenue and volume. The company’s export market has also been impacted, with a 16% decline in motorbike exports.

The world’s economies having been severely impacted by a significant currency devaluation is the cause. One of the industry’s pioneers in promoting women’s empowerment is Bajaj Auto. According to the corporation, all of its plants feature female workers who work in all departments. An all-female staff at the Chakan Plant operates an assembly line that creates high-end motorcycles like the Dominar 400 and Pulsar RS 200. Additionally, Bajaj Auto has subsidiaries including Bajaj Auto International Holdings BV, a 100% Netherlands-based subsidiary of Bajaj Auto Ltd., and maintains a 48% share in KTM AG of Austria (KTM), which is one of the most rapidly expanding motorcycle brands in the world.

5. BMW.


BMW Group, a leader in automobiles and motorcycles worldwide, is owned by BMW AG. The corporation has its headquarters in Munich, Germany, and focuses primarily on the automotive, engine, machinery, and metalworking industries as well as the services related to each. The automobile, motorbike, and financial services industries are its three main segments. Around 1.3 million individuals work for the corporation, which has operations in over 150 nations. The business uses the BMW Motorrad brand to conduct business in the motorcycle sector. With models larger than 250 cc such Sport, Tour, Roadster, Heritage, Adventure, and Urban Mobility, the business competes in the high-end motorcycle market on a global scale.

With fewer sales units, this segment enables it to generate a bigger revenue. BWM’s Motarrad motorbike branch saw a considerable increase in both its sales volume and the amount of money it brought in for the business. The business was able to surpass the 150000 mark in sales volume for the first time. In comparison to the prior year, it was able to increase by 1,45,032 to a total of 1,64,153. This 13.2% increase is remarkable. This boost in sales was brought on by the explosive growth of motorcycle sales in Europe, with France experiencing a 24.4% increase in sales volume, ranking it among the top five brands. Spain and Italy both had double-digit growth.

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