Top 5 Best Food Delivery Apps in India

Top 5 Best Food Delivery Apps in India

More and more individuals are realising that ordering food online is more easier and more convenient than travelling to a restaurant as a result of the recent pandemic. This has created numerous options for restaurants to go digital and market to a larger audience.

The demand for food is one of those things that will never decrease. In addition to being a basic requirement for survival, we occasionally get the want for our favourite food. Food has the power to instantly make someone’s face frown or grin.

People try to save as much time as they can in their busy lives, and one service that has eliminated stress about cooking meals and saved hundreds of thousands of hours is the on-demand food delivery system.
You no longer need to go far and wide for the top meal delivery apps in India. Here is a list of the top and most affordable meal delivery apps available in India as of 2022.

1. Zomato


Without a question, one of the greatest apps for online meal delivery in India is Zomato, which has nearly entirely replaced other similar services. Customers may get comprehensive reviews of restaurants as well as information on the available meal delivery alternatives and the current menu.

Pankaj Chaddah and Deepinder Goyal launched the business in 2008. The business was originally known as FoodieBay but changed its name to Zomato in 2012. The organisation has distribution locations all around the world and its headquarters are in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Zomato operates mostly in India, although it also has operations in the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Lebanon.

Zomato charges restaurant owners a commission of between 18 and 25 percent in exchange for including their business. The commission is also influenced by things like the sort of restaurant, delivery fees, and so forth.

Founded in Year 2008.

2. Swiggy


Swiggy is another another well-known and reliable meal delivery service in India that also provides on-demand grocery delivery. This Swiggy effort, known as Instamart, is really helpful for receiving a fresh supply of household goods. Additionally, they provide immediate package delivery services under the Swiggy Genie brand.

Bangalore serves as the home base for Swiggy, which was established in 2014.

At the moment, Swiggy only covers over 300 cities in India, where it is only now operational. For using their system, restaurant partners must pay Swiggy 18 to 23% of their sales revenue.

Founded in Year 2014.

3. Box8


Box8 is a meal delivery service that offers its customers food in handy boxes, as the name would imply. It simplifies and streamlines the entire process. Box8 was established in 2012, and Bangalore serves as its corporate headquarters. They offer a wide range of food items, such as desserts, Desi Boxes, Desi Openers, and all-in-one dinners.

Currently, the organisation offers services in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Pune, and Mumbai. Even with a small number of serviceable locations, the company is estimated to serve around 1 million consumers per month, which is a very respectable amount.

Founded in Year 2012.

4. Dunzo


Customers living in India’s major cities can order delivery of groceries, pet supplies, fruits and vegetables, pharmaceuticals, and other necessities through Dunzo. Dunzo, which was established in 2014 and has its headquarters in Bangalore, has experienced rapid growth in recent years.

Eight Indian cities—Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur, and Mumbai—are currently served by it. Depending on the amount and specifics of the order, Dunzo’s commission charge can range from 15 to 30 percent.

Founded in Year 2014.

5. UberEats


With the help of its parent company, Uber, which was already established, UberEats quickly gained popularity. UberEats started out in Mumbai with a collaboration with over 200 eateries, among them The Bohri Kitchen, Le15, Coffee by Di Bella, FreshMenu, Chaayos, and The Good Wife. Uber has carved out a fantastic niche for itself in the market by offering both convenient transportation and later food delivery services.

Founded in Year 2014.

After a brief overview of the top 10 online food delivery services in India, it’s now up to you to make a decision about which services you want to collaborate with. Consider the types of foods these apps deliver, the locations where they are available, and the commission percentage. There are still more apps available for on-demand meal delivery. There are numerous others, including Seamless, Potafo, Pizza Hut, and GrubHub. The market for on-demand food delivery is booming with several applications and services, and there will be even more in the future.

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