Personal care brand Clensta has unveiled its new campaign #TheBetterWay along with its partner and investor Parineeti Chopra. The campaign urges consumers to refrain from becoming creatures of habit and to keep evolving from making ‘good’ to ‘better’ living choices.

In a 30 -second video, Parineeti talks to viewers about how she always chooses the ‘better’ option over the ‘good’ option when she is making the littlest of decisions every single day – “Black is good, but White is better. Pear is good, but Apple is better. Personal care products are good but Clensta products are BETTER”, she says in her video. Fans of the actor have tapped on to this trend and have started engaging with the reel sharing their ‘X is Good, Y is Better’ versions. The brand is also set to throw #TheBetterWay challenge on Social Media to create more buzz around this campaign.

Clensta offers a range of innovative, science-backed personal-care products across categories formulated at IIT-Delhi. These products are created to revolutionize households worldwide by offering consumers better choices. The Clensta range not only ensures better care, results and experience but also a better outlook towards the environment.

“At Clensta, our commitment to philanthropy shines through our ‘Buy 1 Give 1’ initiative, integral to #TheBetterWay Campaign. With each product sold, we pledge to donate a bottle of clean drinking water, contributing to positive social impact. Building on our success of conserving 1 billion liters of water through our Waterless Bath and Shampoo range, this campaign aspires to donate an additional billion liters of clean drinking water. #TheBetterWay campaign serves as a beacon for mindful choices, urging individuals to consistently embrace a more sustainable lifestyle” said Puneet Gupta, Founder, Clensta.

In a groundbreaking move under the #TheBetterWay Campaign, Clensta is revolutionizing its commitment with the #Buy1Give1 pledge. The campaign’s momentum has surged with the strategic dissemination through nearly 50 Digital Screens across prime locations of Delhi NCR, creating a visually stunning narrative for ‘better’ changes. The brand has also launched a series of Digital Films featuring Parineeti Chopra and Sandeepa Dhar. Further, collaborating with influential Social Media personalities, Clensta is actively steering the conversations around #TheBetterWay.

“Our campaign is designed to make you think about your choices and not hesitate to always choose the better option, even though you feel that what you have is good enough. When we research and create products for you, that’s how we think. ‘Green aloe is good, but red aloe is better!’ Our lives are shaped by the choices we make so, let’s make the better choices,” said Parineeti Chopra, Partner and Investor, Clensta.

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