World Soil Day 2023: Soil and water, a source of life

“Soil and water, a source of life” is the theme for World Soil Day 2023, according to the United Nations (UN). The UN explains the theme as follows: “The vital connection between soil and water is essential to the survival of our planet. Every year on December 5, World Soil Day (WSD) is observed to raise awareness of the value of healthy soil and to promote the sustainable management of soil resources. In 2002, the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) recommended the establishment of an international day to celebrate soil.

The WSD 2022 was observed in more than 154 countries, and the theme—Soils, where food begins—attracted interest from over 3.5 billion people through media engagement. In June 2013, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Conference formally recognized World Soil Day and asked the 68th UN General Assembly to formally adopt it. The 68th UN General Assembly proclaimed December 5th to be World Soil Day in december 2013.

Numerous essential services for people and the environment are provided by soil. In addition to providing food for us, soil also cleans our water, guards against flooding, and fights drought. Due to its enormous carbon storage and capture capacity, it is also essential for combating climate change. Without healthy soils, food security is nonexistent.

Preserve the soil, or it will degrade you within a day. Not to hurt, but to farm the soil we have. Since we are the cause of soil pollution, we also need to be the cause of its cure. Save the soil because it is the earth’s soul. Protect the soil if you want to eat.

The combination of organic materials and rock fragments that grow on the surface of the earth is called soil. Relief, parent material, climate, vegetation, other living forms, and time are the main variables influencing the formation of soil. One of our most vital tools in the fight against climate change is soil, which stores more carbon than the atmosphere, all of the world’s plants, and all of its forests put together!

Organizations and institutions also host a variety of events on this day to make sure the celebration stays instructive and relevant while inspiring people to take proactive steps in their communities. One of the most important and limited resources in the natural world is soil. It is essential for the production of food, the filtration of water, the storage of carbon, and the maintenance of biodiversity. Pollution, erosion, and soil degradation, however, represent major risks to the productivity and health of the soil. In order to safeguard the welfare of present and future generations, World Soil Day seeks to draw attention to these problems and promote sustainable soil management techniques.

Reducing erosion and pollution, increasing water infiltration and storage, and improving soil health are all achieved by using sustainable soil management techniques like crop rotation, minimum tillage, cover crops, and organic matter addition. These methods are vital in the fight against climate change because they enhance fertility, protect soil biodiversity, and aid in carbon sequestration.

We ought to commemorate the occasion on several platforms, including

Organize webinars, seminars, and workshops to inform locals about the value of conserving soil.

Use social media to your advantage to raise awareness of World Soil Day. Post educational articles, infographics, and success stories about your efforts to conserve soil.

In your neighborhood, promote planting trees and other vegetation that is good for the soil. This improves the general health of the environment in addition to improving the health of the soil.

Work together with neighborhood farmers’ markets to promote sustainable and organic produce. Inform customers of the advantages of endorsing soil health-focused practices.

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