On Wednesday, Bill Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft, paid a visit to the company’s India Development Centre (IDC) located in Hyderabad. In 1998, Gates envisioned this center of innovation.

IDC is commemorating 25 years of innovative research, engineering, and development. During this time, the company has shaped many top-tier products, including Windows, Office, Azure, Bing, Copilot, and other AI applications.

Rajiv Kumar, Managing Director, Microsoft IDC, and CVP, Experiences + Devices India, said in a statement, “It was rewarding to watch Bill address some of India’s brightest engineering minds at IDC, our biggest asset,”

“Echoing his optimism over the opportunity for an AI-powered India, IDC is excited to drive innovation from India for Microsoft – from AI and cloud to security and gaming,” he stated.

“I can’t wait to learn about how India is finding innovative new ways to advance health, digital public infrastructure, and climate to improve the lives of billions,” Gates wrote in a LinkedIn post earlier this week, announcing his plans to visit the country.

The co-founder of Microsoft wrote in his blog that he is in India this week to research “how we can continue working with India to help its ideas and inventions reach everyone who needs them, no matter where they live.”

“When I meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this will be our main conversation.”

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