Doctors here reported on Thursday that they had successfully treated the first-ever case of adenomyosis in a non-communicating rudimentary horn in India, an extremely rare case of half uterus.

Doctors at C.K. Birla Hospital in Gurugram stated in a statement that “this is the second case reported worldwide, with the first case documented at the Lebanese American University Center in July 2021.”

The 27-year-old patient came in for treatment because she was experiencing pelvic pressure and ongoing pain on the right side of her pelvis and lower abdomen. She also couldn’t get pregnant.

A large, firm lump that deviated to the right side of the lower abdomen was discovered during a clinical examination. At first, the doctors thought it might be a fibroid. Adenomyosis in the non-communicating right horn, connected to a sizable fibroid-like mass, was discovered to be present in the woman’s left unicornuate uterus following a comprehensive diagnostic hysteroscopy and robotic myomectomy (adenomyoma removal) with chromopertubation.

The doctors stated that in order to preserve surrounding structures such as the intestines and urinary bladder, this difficult anomaly required careful dissection and extraction.

“The non-communicating horn’s adenomyoma posed a special problem. We were able to successfully remove the adenomyoma and preserve the right ureter by carefully dissecting it. Adenomyosis and a working non-communicating primitive horn are uncommon, which makes this case unique. The patient’s condition significantly improved as a result of the successful treatment, which included the entire horn being removed with robotic assistance, according to Dr. Aruna Kalra, the hospital’s director of obstetrics and gynecology.

“The final histopathology added a significant contribution to the few cases reported worldwide by confirming the presence of adenomyosis in the primitive horn. Dr. Kalra continued, “The clinical presentation of such cases can range from mild pain to complications like endometriosis, pelvic pain, or obstetrical issues like ectopic pregnancy and preterm delivery.”

The patient went home the following day, and the doctor anticipated that she would soon start her reproductive journey.

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