Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, stated on Tuesday that “Google and Meta’s Facebook and Instagram have strong political bias,” referring to a post alleging Google meddled in the US elections.

On X, a user by the name of Steven Mackey posted a link to reports alleging Google meddled in the US elections.

“Google is far more than a racist company, it is a firm that has in the past and is currently interfering in our elections,” Mackey stated.

Musk responded to the post by saying, “There is a strong political bias at Google and Facebook/Instagram.” They certainly had a say in the outcome of any given election, though it’s difficult to say if they were the deciding factor.”

“That video of Google execs holding an all-hands struggle session after Trump won was disturbing,” Musk said.

In the meantime, the tech billionaire commented, “The sheer insanity of that actual response from Google’s AI is staggering!” in response to a post that included screenshots of Gemini’s response to “misgender” Caitlyn Jenner. The bias will remain, even though they make the correction so that it is less noticeable in the future.”

“AI replicates the errors made by those who created it. This example amply demonstrates the point for those who are unsure about how things might go wrong if AI took over the world,” he continued.

Additionally, Musk stated that he believes the only viable approach to AI safety “is to be maximally truth-seeking.”

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