Digital presence is the sole instrument for every business to stay relevant in the existing market environment. The foremost thing that comes to mind when we think of “digital presence” is a website. Nowadays, businesses need an official website to capitalize on the opportunities arising from the large-scale advancements in internet and smartphone technologies. A reliable Web Design and Development Company can be the best alternative for you to get a promising website for your business.

Your website is actually your shop in the virtual marketplace of the internet. What if you have not been receiving any new customers at this shop recently? Have you thought why users don’t stay too long on your website and leave without any intention of coming back? If you haven’t, then this is the right time. Let us find out the important reasons for which visitors leave your website and don’t come back.

1. Slow Loading

Slow websites are a huge turn-off for tech-savvy customers having high-speed internet connection. Visitors expect web pages to load within a matter of seconds, and if that doesn’t happen, then they switch to other alternatives. Almost 40% of visitors are most likely to leave your website if the loading time is more than 3 seconds.

2. Annoying Ads and Banners

The most annoying element in any website’s user interface refers to ads and banners. Visitors are more likely to be frustrated with websites that have ads and banners all over the user interface. On the contrary, websites with strategically placed advertisements and banners without compromising user experience can retain visitors.

3. Difficulty in Understanding Content

The layout of content on a website is sometimes difficult for some visitors to understand. As a result, visitors could not find the information they need, and even if they find it, they cannot understand the information.

4. Unattractive Website Design and Layout

The design of the website itself is also one of the notable elements that determine whether visitors stay or leave. You can think that the content on the website matters more to the users. However, you need to have a good cover for inviting visitors to read the content on your website. Therefore, a reliable Website Development Company in Gujarat or any corner of the world that you choose should ensure that your website’s design aligns perfectly with your content.

5. Videos Playing Automatically on Landing Pages

Automatically playing videos is also a huge downside for a website. You can find that playing videos automatically on the landing page of your website slows down its speed. Furthermore, these videos are played without the consent of the visitor, thereby imposing a negative impact on their experience.

6. No Call to Action

Even if you get everything right with your website and miss out on a call to action, you risk losing visitors who may never return back. Without a proper call to action, visitors face difficulties in finding the next step they should take and can leave the landing page after reading your content.

7. Lack of Emphasis on Target Audience

You may also want to reflect on the fact that you may be attracting the wrong audience to your website. If you have been focusing too much on the optimization of your website to land more traffic, then you have not been attentive to finding the right audience.

8. Inability to Read Content on the Website

The final aspect that would draw away visitors from your website is the poor legibility of content on your website. Excessive typographic errors, bad typographic choices, and abrasive colors can scale down the aesthetic value of your content, thereby leading to negative user experience.


Now, you can clearly notice why your website does not have too many visitors recently! The key to attracting visitors to your website and ensure that they stay is to focus on the aspects of website design that matter most to users. Search for competent and trustworthy website design and development companie s such as 5D Web InfoTech to craft the perfectly designed website.

Such web design and development service providers could ensure that your website aligns with the values and mission of your business alongside establishing a promising connection with the audience. Contact right now for promising and cost-effective Apps Development Services and web design and development services.

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