5 Online Mistakes To Avoid In Small Business

As a small business owner, one may be busy and he might be juggling many different responsibilities, and it can be challenging for the businessman to focus on the right thing at the right time. It’s no surprise that mistakes are made along the way. The article below will tell us about the few common mistakes that many small businesses make online, and what you can do to help ensure you’re on the right path.

1. Using a social media page as the only web address
Only 51 percent of the small businesses have a website, yet 80 percent of the small business use social media. For many small businesses, social media acts as a key to growing their business, but the businessman should always know if their customers know where to find them? One of the easiest ways in order to ensure that the customers find them no matter where the business is registration of the domain name and the business is required to point to its social media page.

This is called as domain forwarding, and it works just like the way of forwarding mail. The businessman can create a rule that automatically redirects anyone who visits the domain name to the page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Etsy or whatever social media platform the businessman uses as his business’s communications hub. Domain forwarding is always quick and easy to set up with the domain name registrar.

A domain name also helps to brand the company by providing a memorable and a marketable web address. When the businessman is ready for a website, he is not required to change the web address that his customers already know and use.

2. Using a generic email provider as the businessman’s company email address
A domain name is much more than just an address for the business’s website. It can represent every aspect of the business’s online identity, which also includes the business’s communications. In order to add credibility, the business can use his domain name in order to set up a custom email address for his business.

3. If the businessman Delays in building a website
A website is an essential feature in today’s digital world. It has, however, never been easier to launch a website. The real key to success is to start small. The businessman must create a few pages and he must expand from there A businessman’s website can scale with the business as it grows.

4. Building a website and not promoting it
The business website is the central hub of the business’s online presence, but no one will see it if the businessman is not promoting it. Here are certain ways by which the businessman can drive traffic to the site and find customers:

Social media marketing: The businessman must Advertise his business on social media and he must drive customers to his website for more information
Email marketing: The businessman must use his company’s -branded email and must send customers information about the special news and sales. He must Include a link to his website where customers can learn more
Search engine marketing (SEM): This is also known as paid search, SEM allows the businessman to promote his business website in the paid advertising section of search results pages

5. Not considering a domain name strategy in the marketing
A domain name can also be used for marketing. In fact, it’s a tactic that big brands successfully use today and it is one that the businessman can easily implement to propel his brand. Getting a Trademark Registration for your domain name is also a good way to increase your brand visibility as part of your online marketing strategy.

Thus if a small businessman avoids such online mistakes like not considering a domain name strategy in online marketing or getting a Trademark Application or building a website and not promoting it or delaying in building a website, he would lead his business to step stones of success.

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