5 Best Pakoda Stalls in Bangalore5 Best Pakoda Stalls in Bangalore

Spending a relaxing day eating freshly fried goodies while taking in the rain outside is the epitome of bliss. Nothing screams monsoon more than a plate of hot, deep-fried pakodas for the chilly evenings. especially if you can choose from a variety of fillings to indulge yourself rotten. There is something for everyone, whether it is the traditional onion pakodas or the more alluring chocolate fritters. LBB recommends locations for you to visit this monsoon if you’re looking for delicious pakodas. Take a vacation from tracking calories, please.

1. Imli, Indira Nagar, Bengaluru

Imli, a vegetarian restaurant, should be on your list of places to visit if you’re craving hot, crispy pakoda with chutney. Additionally, you can get local specialties like kadhi pakodi, which are chickpea flour fritters dipped in a moderately spicy sauce made of curd. Why not start with a plate of varied pakodas here, or perhaps make a meal out of it, before you dig into the combos or the decadent curries? They provide fritters with fillings including aloo, paneer, bread, gobhi, and bell peppers in addition to the traditional onion variety. The perfect place to relax with a cup of hot chai and some munchies on a wet day.

You can also come here for a traditional Indian breakfast because they provide Besan Ka Chilla (pancakes made from chickpea flour) and Vada Pav on their 24-hour snack menu.

2. Indy’s Comfort Food, Koramangala, Bengaluru

Pakodas, pakodas, and more pakodas: Indy Hop in Koramangala honors the ubiquitous Indian snack food in all of its forms, from traditional to inventive fusions.

The oldest and most beloved snack in the nation is the focus of the first restaurant café in India. Our goal is to reinvent and re-introduce Pakodas, from traditional favorites like Onion Pakoda, Chilli Bhajji, and Paneer Pakoda to mouthwatering variations that have never been seen before, evoking nostalgia, joy, and excitement in our customers. We have made it our mission to popularize Indian pakoras over the world.

If you’re thinking about pakodas, Indian House of Pakodas, often known as Indy HOP, is the place to go. Here, opt for the more intriguing Punjabi Paneer or Palak versions of the Onion Pakoda and Gobhi Pakoda rather than the normal versions. While you’re there, order some of their crunchy Mushroom Fritters and Dilli Ka Bread Pakoda. We advise the Ferrero Rocher chocolate fritters for people with a sweet tooth.

Once you are seated, you cannot escape the exquisite aroma of frying pakodas because of how the small space has been designed. The pakodas are hot, crunchy, and scrumptious in every way. Yum!

3. Tea Brew, Domlur, Bengaluru

Never wait to enter Tea Brew if you are in the mood for a crunchy pakoda and a snack-y mood. Tea Brew offers a variety of crispy pakodas in addition to teas, light fare, brunches, and main dishes. While they do offer Aloo, Onion, and Paneer options, we advise trying the house specialty Bhutta Pakoda, or “corn fritters.” Pair it with a cup of their Filter Coffee or Masala Chai. In addition, if you want good food, check out this eatery (you’ll thank me later for trying their Zagreb Vegetable Omelette). They offer light snacking options, including quick indo-indian snacks and desserts.

4. Cafe 21, Btm Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore

Cafe 21 in BTM Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore, which opened in the year 2021, is a dominant force in the city’s fast food market. It is a little, adorable cafe that is situated in Kalaghoda just in front of Carter’s Blue. People gathered here to enjoy the succulent and crunchy pakoda. In addition, Cafe 21 provides a selection of chats and snacks. Fruit juice is also added to it. More people enjoy eating it because it tastes like home cooking and is pleasant to do so in the fantastic weather.

5. Chaipatty, Indira Nagar, Bengaluru

`The F&B-Casual Dining establishment Chai Patty Teafe provides a special and enjoyable experience. You can eat there and choose from a wide selection of delectable foods that have just been made. Numerous Indian and foreign cuisines are offered on the menu. The setting is cozy and welcoming, with cozy furniture and a laid-back vibe. The staff makes sure that you have a good time by being attentive and friendly. In addition, the restaurant serves a selection of drinks, such as tea, coffee, and others.

Aloo, Onion, Palak, Gobi, Bread, Paneer, and Egg are just a few of the pakoda varieties available at Chaipatty. Or, go ahead and get a plate for yourself that includes 15 different pakodas for you to devour! Many people, young and old, never consider getting it without first looking for a nice location nearby.

Therefore, Pakoda lovers should never be afraid to look for the greatest restaurants. Have it now and let us know what you think.

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