The Top 7 Sites for Indian Stock Market Traders

Online, there are several websites dedicated to stock analysis for Indian traders. There is a lot of information that traders need to remain on top of, but it is not all in one place. They are all free websites that provide stock market news, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis. Trading will be lot easier if you are aware of these top websites for Indian stock market traders.

Here we’re going to share the top 7 websites that might give you more information to utilize when making judgments.

List of best websites for stock market analysis and trading

Founded: 1992

The mother of all information may be found on this website, which is the National Stock Exchange’s official one. One of the top stock exchanges in India is National Stock Exchange of India Limited, which has its headquarters in Mumbai. Several financial entities, including banks and insurance companies, are the proprietors of the NSE.

The State Bank of India, Life Insurance Corporation, India Infoline Limited, and Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited are the major domestic investors with holdings in the NSE. Aranda Investments (Mauritius) Pte Limited, Gagil FDI Limited, GS Strategic Investments Limited, SAIF II SE Investments Mauritius Limited, Crown Capital Limited, and PI Opportunities Fund I are a few notable international investors.

For the purpose of providing MBA and BBA programs, NSE has partnered with a number of universities, including the Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics (GIPE) in Pune, the Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University (BVDU) in Pune, the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in Delhi, the Ravenshaw University in Cuttack, and the Punjabi University in Patiala, among others. The NSE has also given students access to a fake market simulation program called NSE Learn to Trade (NLT) to help them learn about investing, trading, and portfolio management.

You can immediately use the information from this website to determine the data accuracy of other websites. You can find here anything you need, from delivery reports to open interest data. If you take trading seriously, you probably visit this website at least once every day.


Founded: 2011

TradingView is ranked first worldwide among the top five websites for Indian stock market news. For news on the financial markets, it is a leading source. This website is ranked 6 in its category, 188 in its country, and 317 overall. On a single platform, the website provides a number of tools, such as charts, screeners, an economic calendar, and recent market news, to make analysis simple. While certain extra features can be acquired for a little price, the majority of features are entirely free. Here you may find fundamental company data, technical tools, and charts for stock traders and investors. On this website, you can keep track of your placements and make a list that is exclusively yours.

The discussion forum is another feature that makes this website stand out. Both a mobile app and website are available for tradingview. To help students learn, I personally incorporate it into all of my technical analysis courses. All of my pupils have given me amazing feedback.


Founded: 2017

It directly rivals in the market. I believe the program has more robust capabilities than TradingView. You can access all types of charts, including volume profiles, option traders’ delta charts, probability cones, and all technical tools and indicators. Additionally, it is the first business in India to offer orderflow charts. Nearly all of India’s leading brokers have ties to gocharting. With one click trading, you may simply place orders from technical charts. Through the mock trading tool, you may practice trading. You’ll adore it if you just give it a try. Both paid and free versions are available.

Tradingview has a wider variety of charting capabilities, including numerous chart styles and Pine Script Editor, allowing for more specialized trading tools, while GoCharting offers some distinctive features, such as market profile and order flow tools. For sectors like All Industries, TradingView is perfect. The Zerodha Kite is a better option for the stock market. If you’re unsure whether to choose TradingView or Zerodha Kite, you may also see if the program offers modules that can be customized for your sector. Industry-specific features will guarantee greater effectiveness and return on investment.


Founded: 1999

The most visited website by Indian stock dealers and investors is Money Control. Money Control is ranked 615 globally, 50 nationally, and 1 in its category. You may find a variety of information on this website, including financial data, technical stock charts, market updates for currencies and commodities, mutual fund rates, and more. Stock traders and investors can find fundamental company information, technical tools, and charts here. You can track your placements on this website and create a list that is uniquely yours.
Another one of this website’s distinctive characteristics is the discussion forum.

It has the most recent earnings calendar, which is incredibly helpful when it comes time for results. Additionally, you may build your portfolio, keep track of your stocks with ease, download free brokerage reports, and access a ton of end-of-day statistics. If you trade intraday, you will undoubtedly also value the heads-up articles that are published before each trading session and that detail all the indications to look out for that day.

Founded: 2009

The screener is a fantastic website for investigating companies, including looking at their three financial statements (Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Profit and Loss Statements), ratios, and many other things. On this website, you may get a wide range of crucial details about the companies, including financial statistics, chart analyses, peers analysis, quarterly results, annual results, etc.

Even if they cover a period of five to ten years or are lengthy, we may still analyze a company’s financial records, but this website breaks them down into digestible chunks for analysis. We personally employ it to screen multibagger stocks in our fundamental analysis course.

The screener also offers a function where you can run several queries to filter good stocks based on different criteria. The only website on this list that is concentrated on the foundations of the businesses is this one. You may perform scans, compare businesses within a sector, compare financial reports, and much more. Nearly everything is free to use. The best thing about the screener is that there aren’t any adverts all the time.


Founded: 2007

One of my favorite websites for world economy analyses is Trading Economics. Its stock market investors get access to the most recent data for 196 nations, as well as historical information and forecasts for more than 20 million economic variables. In order to trade on intraday news, I use its economic calendar. Amazingly, there is no cost to the user. relies on official sources for its data rather than third-party data suppliers. The data’s accuracy may be relied upon. It obtains more than 1.3 billion page views annually from more than 200 different nations. You may compare countries, view economic trends, and run filters. Learn the purpose of all economic data and indicators as well. For investors and traders taking stock market courses, this website is a must-visit.


Founded: 2007

Since its start in 2007, has gained visitors from all over the world and is now a prominent global financial portal dedicated to releasing new features and sections on a regular basis to provide readers with the best one-stop source possible. has now established a platform called InvestingPro that offers premium data, specialized tools, and custom charts. It can access up to 1000+ fundamental and technical indicators and is ad-free.

The charts on this website are its most helpful component. You may establish price alerts on the stocks of your choice, and they feature a fantastic, user-friendly chart that can be loaded with whatever signal you like. Another feature you’ll appreciate is that in addition to tracking Indian equities, we can also keep tabs on worldwide indices, commodities like Brent Crude, and pretty much anything else that trades. Keeping a watch on the economic calendar, which lists future events like the RBI meeting, US Fed meeting, jobs reports, etc. that could affect the market.

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