10 Most Popular OTT platforms in India

Faster internet connections and increased demand for a wider choice of media items, including sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and movies, have led to an increase in over-the-top media services.

Platforms for over-the-top media services (OTT) have grown in popularity in India during the past several years. A streaming video service that is made available directly to viewers over the internet is known as an over-the-top (OTT) media service. The companies that often serve as a controller or distributor of this content are bypassed by OTT, including cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms. Many filmmakers are now publishing their films on significant OTT platforms rather than waiting for the theatres to reopen as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak in the nation. When it comes to OTT services, India has a wide range of choices. The Top 10 OTT platforms are shown below.

Over-the-top (OTT) platforms have revolutionised how people consume content. We have all noticed a significant rise in the number of OTT platforms in India over the past several years. It can be very challenging to keep track of all the stuff linked to each one, so it’s critical to grasp what each one has to offer.

1. Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ The Walt Disney Company’s Novi Digital Entertainment and Disney Entertainment, both divisions, own and operate Hotstar, a domestic Indian subscription video on-demand over-the-top streaming service that offers Indian film, television, and sports content for both the country of India and its international diaspora. Southeast Asia is also served, and foreign content is also included.

The Disney+ Hotstar service is available outside of India in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand as well. In each of these countries, it blends local, third-party studio entertainment material with the bigger Disney+ collection. Early in 2023, Disney+ Hotstar is anticipated to debut in Vietnam.

To boost morale amid the effects of COVID-19, Star said on May 2, 2020, that it would provide the service gratis to migrant workers in Singapore through July 21, 2020.Sunil Rayan, a former Google employee, was appointed as Hotstar’s new president in June 2020.

A division of Disney’s Star India, Novi Digital Entertainment is the owner of the Indian over-the-top streaming service Disney+ Hotstar. Disney+ The Walt Disney Company’s India-based subsidiary owns the premium entertainment network Hotstar. With over 100 million users, the Hotstar app is among the most widely used on-demand television providers in India. On Hotstar, which streams the most recent entertainment across numerous categories, you may watch a huge selection of shows, movies, and sporting events.

Depending on their package, Hotstar customers can stream material on up to four devices at once, and certain content can be downloaded for offline viewing. Disney+ HBO, Star World, Star Plus, and other Star-owned networks are all accessible through Hotstar. It also provides a selection of trending children’s programming from Disney Channel, Disney XD, and Disney Junior.

2. Netflix


The headquarters of the American media business Netflix, Inc. are in Los Gatos, California. The Netflix brand is an over-the-top subscription video on-demand service that was established in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California. It offers both original movies and television shows that the company has produced or acquired as well as third-party content that has been licenced from other distributors. Netflix is a part of the Motion Picture Association, becoming the organization’s first streaming service to join.

Netflix received 36 Academy Award nominations in March 2021, more than any other studio. Netflix was the studio with the most Oscar wins with seven. Later that year, Netflix also tied the record for most Emmys won in a single year by winning 44 awards, more than any other network or studio combined.

Sony Pictures Entertainment stated on April 8, 2021 that Netflix would take over from Starz as the owner of the U.S. pay television window rights to its films starting in 2022. This agreement would also go beyond the one already in place with Sony Pictures Animation. One of the most widely used OTT platforms is Netflix. Over 182 million people worldwide subscribe to it. Netflix is well known for its excellent streaming. Inside its app, it also offers offline downloads.

On PCs, Netflix can be accessed through an internet browser, and Netflix apps are accessible on many different devices, such as Blu-ray players, tablet computers, smartphones, smart TVs, digital media players, and video game consoles (such as Xbox Series X/S and newer, and PlayStation 5 and newer).

3. Amazon Prime Video

The American subscription video on-demand over-the-top streaming and renting service Amazon Prime Video, commonly known as Prime Video, is a part of Amazon’s Prime subscription as well as a separate service.

Amazon announced on March 20, 2020 that they have already started the process of lowering streaming bitrates while maintaining a high-quality stream. “We support the need for careful management of telecom services to ensure they can handle the increased internet demand with so many people now staying at home full-time due to COVID-19,” Amazon said. Where necessary, Prime Video collaborates with local government agencies and Internet service providers to help alleviate any network congestion.

In 2015, Amazon introduced the Streaming Partners Programme (now called Amazon Channels), a platform that enables third-party channels and streaming services with a la carte subscription models to be made available to Amazon Prime users via the Amazon Video platform. These services must be purchased individually and are not included in the Amazon Video package.

Amazon Prime Video is its own OTT service available in India.It is a developing OTT platform with a huge library of films and TV episodes. The platform offers a professionally curated selection of shows and TV series from India, which is what Indian viewers are interested in.

4. Voot

Viacom18 owns the over-the-top streaming and on-demand video service Voot in India. Viacom18’s advertising-driven video-on-demand platform[3] was introduced in March 2016. It is accessible as an app for iOS, Android, and KaiOS (JioPhone) users as well as a website for PC users. It is also available on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Apple TV (for Virgin Media and Sling TV subscribers), and Amazon Fire TV.

Only available in India, the US, and the UK, Voot offers more than 40,000 hours of video material.Viacom18 provides the most exclusive programming in India through Voot. They also provide more than 35,000 hours of content, which includes short stories, web series, movies in both Indian and foreign languages, and many other genres.

Viacom 18 has launched Voot in an effort to compete with streaming services like Hotstar, which are former cable entertainment firms. Voot wins the prize for regional TV entertainment thanks to Colours and all of its regional variations, as well as other well-liked channels like MTV, Comedy Central, and even Nickelodeon for the younger viewers.

They provide top-notch video quality and Chromecast support, allowing you to watch your favourite shows on the gadgets you want. Voot is one of the greatest options available if you’re seeking for a dependable streaming service that won’t let you down with its outstanding variety of programming.

The launch of Paramount+ in India from Viacom18 in 2023 was announced by Paramount Global in May 2022.

5. ZEE5

Zed Entertainment Enterprises operates ZEE5, a pay-per-view and over-the-top streaming service in India. On February 14, 2018, it made its debut in India with material in 12 different languages. The ZEE5 mobile app is accessible on a variety of devices, including the web, Android, iOS, and Smart TVs. In December 2019, ZEE5 reported having 56 million monthly active users.

Zed Entertainment Enterprises introduced the digital internet platform Ozee in India in February 2016. The service has been included into ZEE5 as of February 14, 2018.

Additionally, ZEE5 is accessible for free on Airtel Xstream and Vodafone Play, both of which are streaming services owned by Vodafone Idea and Vodafone. Together with ZEE5, Vodafone Idea created ZEE5 Theatre, a new channel that exclusively broadcasts original films and shows of ZEE5 exclusively available on vodafone play and the Idea mobile and TV app.

One of the top OTT platforms in India is Zee5. Whether you already have a subscription or are just getting started, it is simple to use. They offer a wide range of shows, including children’s programmes, exclusive tales, lifestyle programmes, and short stories. The platform takes care of everything for you, and the audio and video quality are excellent. Additionally, a chatbot exists that makes it simpler to access content.

There are many languages available on Zee5, including prominent television languages in India like Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.

6. Eros Now

Launched in 2012, the over-the-top, subscription-based video on-demand entertainment and media network Eros Now is situated in India. Eros Digital, the Indian division of the American-Indian global media conglomerate Eros Media World, owns and controls it. The network provides video-on-demand and media streaming services.

Eros International plc, which was established in 1977, first focused on buying movies, but within a few years it became one of India’s first VHS distributors. When Eros launched Eros Now, its digital on-demand entertainment platform, in 2012, the company underwent a complete vertical integration, becoming a studio.

In the Bollywood sector, Eros Now is a well-known Indian OTT portal. With the same name now, it has launched its own video streaming services. It contains a big library of Bollywood films. It also provides a very limited selection of foreign films, but nothing very noteworthy. In India, there is a free membership OTT platform called EROS Now entertainment. It includes a selection of the top films and other entertaining media. Black and White Interviews, a show where renowned people discuss their lives and how they dealt with notoriety, is one intriguing feature that will tempt you to subscribe to Eros Now.

7. Jio Cinema

Viacom18, a division of TV18, is the owner of the Indian over-the-top streaming and on-demand video service JioCinema. JioCinema was introduced on September 5, 2016, and its content library consists of movies, TV shows, web series, music videos, documentaries, and sports. Both Android and iOS mobile devices can use the mobile app.

Compared to other broadband+entertainment providers, Jio’s video streaming services are highly unique. It doesn’t treat its users unfairly. It is accessible to all Jio users without charge. You won’t have to pay extra for this fantastic selection of movies and television series. It is among the top free OTT platforms in India.

JioCinema was named the official broadcaster of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in India in November 2022. Lags and other issues with the live feeds caused the app to draw criticism before the event had started. JioCinema was named the official digital streaming partner of the IPL in December 2022 after Viacom18 purchased the digital streaming rights through 2027 earlier in June. JioCinema was chosen as the Women’s Premier League’s official digital streaming partner in March 2023 after Viacom18 purchased the streaming rights in January.

8. Sony LIV

Culver Max Entertainment owns the over-the-top freemium streaming service SonyLIV in India. The first OTT service in India, SonyLIV, was launched in 2013. It offers local network content as a streaming service, including movies, TV shows, live sporting events, and original programming. Culver Max Entertainment released it on January 23, 2013, for the first time.

SonyLIV functions independently as a combination of free and paid video streaming services, in contrast to other OTT broadcasting platforms. offering unrestricted access to a variety of media, including TV shows, movies, short films, children’s programming, and much more. Additionally, it places a strong emphasis on live cricket streaming, which is only exclusively licenced to SonyLIV for select important series. It gives you access to the best programmes on the Sony Entertainment Network. Although the service is free, there is a very modest price you may pay to enjoy the premium experience and avoid advertisements on Indian OTT platforms.

The free OTT service from Sony Entertainment Network in India is called Sony LIV. offering unrestricted access to a variety of media, including TV shows, movies, short films, children’s programming, and much more. Additionally, it places a strong emphasis on live cricket streaming, which is only exclusively licenced to Sony LIV for select important series. Action, comedy, crime, drama, and more popular genres are all represented on Sony LIV.

9. Alt Balaji

A fully owned subsidiary of Balaji Telefilms Ltd., ALTBalaji is a subscription-based video on demand service in India. The group’s entry into the world of digital entertainment, through the launch of ALTBalaji on April 16, 2017, aims to produce original OTT content.

One of the largest selections of original programming is offered by ALTBalaji, a division of Balaji Telefilms. AltBalaji is like a new breeze that is giving unorthodox and fresh content, whereas other Indian OTT platforms are concentrated on streaming well-known content. Additionally, some of its content has received positive reviews. You should definitely subscribe to AltBalaji if you want to see something new in your own language and that, too, for a very affordable price.

One of the most economical OTT platforms now accessible in India is the ALT Balaji platform. The well-known production b

usiness Balaji Telefilms owns and runs this channel. Users who subscribe to ALT Balaji have access to a large selection of original series, films, comedy sketches, music videos, and news articles covering important subjects including sports and entertainment.

An Indian portal for on-demand video is called ALTBalaji. For its viewers, ALTBalaji is accessible through 32 different interfaces. The material is accessible through a desktop web browser, Chromecast, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Windows (Windows PC, Windows Mobile, Windows Tablet), as well as mobile and tablet devices (Apple phone, Apple iPad, Android phone, and Android tablet).

10. Discovery Plus

Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) owns the American streaming service known as Discovery Plus (stylized as discovery+).The service primarily features original series (including spin-offs of shows from Discovery’s television networks), purchased content, and factual programming culled from the archives of Discovery’s primary channel brands.

You need Discovery+’s video streaming services if you enjoy documentaries and the natural world. One of such OTT platforms including TV shows, documentaries, and short videos is Discovery+. Additionally, this portal offers content from well-known TV networks like Animal Planet, TLC, Discovery Science, and Discovery Turbo. This is the spot for you if you enjoy watching documentaries and learning about animals.

In India, Discovery Plus, a brand-new OTT platform, debuted in March 2020. The majority of the programmes and films on Discovery Plus are documentaries and are based on facts and reality. Spin-offs of shows from Warner Bros. Discovery’s networks are among the original programming broadcast by Discovery+.

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