One of India’s leading B2B Cloud and digital services providers, has enhanced Smartflo UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service), a  voice solution integrated with Microsoft Teams, by adding support for the Operator Connect platform for Microsoft Teams Phone. Operator Connect takes Smartflo UCaaS to the next level, empowering customers to seamlessly connect their telephone numbers on Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) with Teams, revolutionizing the unified communication experience for businesses.

Smartflo UCaaS with Operator Connect give users an unparalleled flexibility in connecting their telephone numbers with Teams, delivering a comprehensive communication solution.

Speaking on this announcement, Mr. Vishal Rally, Sr. Vice President – Product and Marketing, Tata Teleservices said, “We are delighted to announce the integration of Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams with our Smartflo UCaaS solution, a major advancement in unified communication within Microsoft Teams. Smartflo UCaaS with Operator Connect bridges the gap between remote employees and the office, delivering an advanced communication experience, fostering stronger connections with employees and customers. This offering is a transformative asset for businesses, providing unparalleled flexibility with work from anywhere functionality, streamlined deployment, enhanced support, and cost optimization.”

Shruti Bhatia, Country Head, Modern Work and Surface, India and South Asia, Microsoft said, “The integration of Operator Connect in TTBS’ Smartflo UCaaS solution is a significant step in empowering businesses with flexible and innovative unified communication within Microsoft Teams. This collaboration reflects our commitment to delivering greater efficiencies and productivity through seamless PSTN calling services. Our collaboration with TTBS reinforces our dedication to supporting businesses in their digital transformation journey with secure and cost-optimized solutions.”

Teams Phone provides complete calling capabilities, helping businesses to stay connected effortlessly and in the flow of their work.

Benefits of TTBS Smartflo UCaaS with Operator Connect:

  • Leverage TTBS’ existing telephony services: Operator Connect enables businesses to retain their existing TTBS telephony services, providing a seamless experience with a single Smartflo UCaaS interface integrated with Teams.
  • TTBS-managed infrastructure: TTBS manages the PSTN calling services and Session Border Controllers (SBCs), relieving customers of hardware procurement and management, resulting in substantial cost savings.
  • Faster, easier deployment: Smartflo UCaaS with Operator Connect enables seamless assignment of phone numbers to users, all managed conveniently from the Microsoft Teams admin centre.
  • Enhanced support and reliability: TTBS’s direct peering with the Microsoft cloud establishes a seamless, contiguous single network connection, ensuring enhanced reliability and call quality. TTBS offers technical support and SLAs enhancing the overall support experience.
  • Roaming Capability: Users gain the added flexibility to carry their TTBS configured Teams number while roaming within India, ensuring uninterrupted communication, even on the move.

Key Features of TTBS Smartflo UCaaS with Operator Connect:

  • Call any telephone number: Smartflo UCaaS with Operator Connect users can effortlessly place calls to any telephone number, fostering seamless communication with Teams Phone.
  • Direct and assisted call transfer: Smartflo UCaaS with Operator Connect empowers users with both direct and assisted call transfer capabilities, streamlining call management.
  • Smart call forwarding: Users can set up smart call forwarding, ensuring they stay connected regardless of their location.
  • Parallel ringing across group: Improve responsiveness by setting up parallel ringing across a group of devices.
  • Voicemail services: Smartflo UCaaS with Operator Connect includes reliable voicemail services, ensuring users never miss an important message.
  • Advanced call capabilities: Conduct ad-hoc and scheduled call conferences with ease through Teams.
  • Save on voice infrastructure: Smartflo UCaaS with Operator Connect eliminates the need for significant voice infrastructure investments, optimizing cost efficiency.
  • Self-care management portal: Smartflo UCaaS with Operator Connect users can enjoy the convenience of a self-care management portal, allowing easy customization of communication preferences.

The integration of Operator Connect with Smartflo UCaaS demonstrates TTBS commitment to democratising technology and empowering businesses with cutting-edge solutions. Smartflo UCaaS with Operator Connect service significantly enhances unified communication capabilities in Teams, enabling businesses to smoothly embrace the shift towards a more connected and digitally empowered future.

TTBS has taken several initiatives in recent times to empower businesses with innovative and reliable solutions that help them build digital maturity and continue seamless operations in a flexible, scalable, and secure manner. The company’s Smart Business Solutions portfolio comprises of Smartflo CCaaS suite, an advanced cloud communication suite integrated with omni-channel capabilities, SmartOffice– a one-box start-up kit with voice, data, apps, storage and  much more, Smart Internet Leased Line with built-in cloud security, SD-WAN iFLX an intelligently flexible solution for network optimization, and a comprehensive suite of cyber security solutions.

Source: Press Release

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