top 5 street foods in Odisha

We the people wherever goes for a tour, never forget to have the foods of that place, especially Street Foods. Today I will tell you some street foods of Odisha which make you mouth watering always.

Just after arriving from Airport or Railway Station in Bhubaneswar, the Capital of Odisha, You can see the Street Vendors around you. Some of them are

1. Dahibara Aludam
2. Bara ghuguni
3. Chaat Masala
4. Jhal Mudhi
5. Chakuli Peetha and Ghuguni

1. Dahibara Aludam

top 5 street foods in odisha city - Dahibara
This one is most popular and famous Street food in Odisha. Wherever you go, you can see the people selling at one place or on their bicycle too. Bara(  urad and suji mix fried in oil) putting in Dahi(Curd) for 3-4 hours and Alu(potato) curry called as AluDam. You can get a plate of 7-8 Bara over that Aludam, chopped onion, coriander leaves, chilli sauce, tomato sauce,sev ganthia. Spices depend on you how much you can eat.
After that They offer you a glass of Curd water which makes refreshing and cool.

2. Bara Ghuguni:

top 5 street foods in odisha city - baraghuguni


This is another authentic and popular snack in Odisha. You can get it in any restaurant or Street side shops. People used to have it ss their morning time breakfast or evening time snacks. Especially raining time, no one can miss to have it with hot tea. Bara(urad ,onion,curry leafs mix fried in oil) and Ghuguni (a curry of potato  and peanuts).

3. Chaat Masala

top 5 street foods in odisha city - chaat Masala
From rural to capital, every one knows the taste of Chaat. This is one famous Street food and familiar to everyone.  Different types of chaat available such as Papdi Chaat, Masala Chaat, Samosa Chaat, Chana Chaat, Alu Peas Chaat etc. Here you can get full or half plate. Spices depend on you. It says Odisha celebrates 13 festival in 12 months and in every festival people enjoying the foods alot.

4. Jhal Mudhi

top 5 street foods in odisha city - jhalmudhi
When it comes what we will have while walking away at sea shore or bus stop or waiting for trains at station, the best thing is Jhalmudhi. The best time pass food ever. You can get a folded leaf or paper as plate and over that mudhi (puffed rice), chanachur, chopped onion, cucumber, coriander leafs, fried ground nuts, mustard oil, spices powder and few drops of lemon water. It’s so tasty believe me and you never know how it keeps away your hungryness.

5. Chakuli Peetha and Ghuguni

top 5 street foods in odisha city - chakuli
When you will start the day and walk away from your home, The smell takes you to the shop is Chakuli Peetha and Ghuguni. If you need a heavy breakfast, then you must be happy to have it. Chakuli Peetha (  a flat Odia rice-based fermented cake) and Ghuguni (a curry of potato and peanuts). In our day to day lives we always skip a healthy breakfast. So here is a healthy and easy to cook breakfast for us.


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