Top 5 Countries to visit in December

Looking calendar frequently and busy in search engines to find the holiday destination in this december?
Plan a trip to one of these winter wonderlands at this time and get fun with holiday spirit!

There are some best countries to visit in December to save memories while happily saying bye bye to the current year.Some places with beautiful sites and temperature during winter, and they are the best countries to visit.

We realize you love winters and your heart skirts a thump for this time, you ought to want to visit these nations where the environment goes maddy when season carries out. The tones spread all over, the year-end festivity starts, and satisfaction blows with the breeze.

Whether you simply love winters or searching for a new beginning, look at these most ideal getaway destinations in winters on the planet. The period of December denotes the start of winter — the coldest time of the year. From mountains to streets and glades, the soft white cover covers all that to make a beautiful scene.

1. Canada

December weather temperature: -8°C to 20°C

Starting things out among the best nations to visit in December, Canada merits visiting for its ruddy winter and outrageous snow sports. Snow slicks up the streets and walkways, and the light endures short of what you thought. The weather conditions is cool yet agreeable for a beautiful stroll in Calgary’s road, and the slight change in pre-winter foliage gives an ideal background for your colder time of year escape.

The main motivation to visit Canada in December is to encounter a portion of the world’s best ski resorts. From frozen rises in Abraham lake to dazzling ice gaps, Canada clearly merits a spot among the best nations to visit in December.

Best Places to Visit in Canada in December

Nova Scotia
Quebec City
Niagara Falls

Things to Do in Canada in December

Skiing in the Rocky Mountains
Carnaval de Quebec
Skate on the Rideau Canal Skateway in Ottawa
Visit Niagara Falls.
Go Surfing in Tofino
Festival du Voyager in Winnipeg
See the Northern Lights Dance in the Sky
Try Dog Sledding.

2. India

December weather temperature: 15°C to 27°C

Winter gets the pinky vibe from Jaipur, the snow from the Himalayas in the North lastly settles down in the South with a sub-tropical feel. Maybe the best section on the rundown of best nations to visit in december, India has all that you could envision.
Snow-capped mountains, chilly mornings, warm noon and evenings coupled with many colourful festivals of Dussehra, Diwali, Run Utsav, and Hornbill Festival—India has everything to be called a winter wonderland.

The Indian Peninsula enters one of the best vacation seasons as the snow covers the country’s northern regions, the sun lulls its beaches, its southern outlines take on an effortless elegance, and the plains get used to a much-anticipated extra layer of clothing. Here are some of the best places to go in India in December, a month filled with getaways that will make you ache to travel.

Best Places to Visit in India in December

Andaman Islands
Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Dawki, Meghalaya
Leh Ladakh
Munnar, Kerala

Best Things to Do in India in December

Sail Through Alleppey’s Backwater Lagoons
Partying in Goa
Walkthrough Rajasthan’s Culture
Spend evening in Pondicherry beaches
Bike ridding in Leh Ladakh
Evening in Marrine drive and beaches

3. Bali

December weather temperature: 23°C to 27°C

According to popular belief, Bali is not a place to visit but rather a fantastic state of mind. Bali, an Indonesian island, is one of the world’s top December travel destinations, so if you’re considering a trip, December is a fantastic time to go. It is the perfect location for a honeymoon due to the opulent beach resorts and charming cottages. Bali is a complete package in itself and one of the best places to travel in December. The island offers opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

Best Places to Visit in Bali in December

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park
Tanah Lot Temple
Pura luhur Uluwatu
Bali Safari Marine Park
Upside Down World Bali
Tegallalang Rice Terraces
Nusa Penida
Sekumpul Waterfall

Best Things to Do in Bali in December

Be a part of the Denpasar Festival
Visiting Balinese Hindu Temple
White Water Rafting Tour
Banana Boat Ride
Submarine Tour
Shop Till you drop at the famous markets
Visit the Ubud Monkey Forest
Explore the Bali Safari & Marine Park

4. Switzerland

December weather temperature: -1°C to 4°C

Switzerland is a landlocked nation well known for its timepieces and chocolate. Switzerland boasts a fantastic selection of year-end festivals and events, making it one of the best places to travel in December.

The Swiss Alps appear even more stunning, magnificent, and create a wonderful ambiance when combined with the rosy winter. Everything is available to do here in the winter, from cross-country skiing to summit-climbing on frozen peaks.

Best Places to Visit in Switzerland in December

The Jungfrau Region – For Fresh Mountain Air
Zermatt – For The Best Skiing
St. Moritz – For The Best Nightlife
Oberalp Pass Via Glacier Express – For Beautiful Views
St Gallen – Old World Charm
Lucerne – Picture-Perfect Views
Interlaken – A Charming Resort Town

Best Things to Do in Switzerland in December

Take a scenic train journey
Enjoy a culinary experience
Take a workshop
Mountain tops, mountain tops, mountain tops
Take to the snow
Take to the water
Take to the air
Visit a castle

5. Maldives

December weather temperature: 27°C to 31°C

Maldives has undoubtedly made a name for itself in the world of luxury tourism, serving as a farewell destination for newlyweds and tourists looking for a romantic getaway. The Maldives is a top contender for the greatest destinations in the world to visit in December thanks to its tiny islets, fantastic resorts, clear sea, and immaculate beaches.

Best Places to Visit in Maldives  in December



Addu City



Best Things to Do in Maldives in December

Overnight stay in a water villa and dine at an underwater restaurant.

Full Day Male’ Walking Tour

Snorkel with Nurse Sharks and Explore Vaavu Atoll Maldives

Male Fish Market. 634. Flea & Street Markets

Bikini Beach

Veligandu Island Beach

Final Thoughts

When deciding one of the greatest places to visit in December, keep an eye on your travel budget and general health. The greatest countries to visit in December are India and the Czech Republic, whether you’re travelling alone, with young children, or senior family members. They have pleasant weather, and the setting is ideal for your wintertime wanderlust.

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