Top 10 Motivational Speakers in India

Top 10 Motivational Speakers in IndiaWe frequently engage someone to complete things for us in order to simplify our lives. But when it comes to inspiring ourselves, we frequently have no one else to turn to but ourselves. For many of us, it is a challenging undertaking since we need to be in the correct state of mind to inspire and drive ourselves. The secret to success in any endeavour is motivation. Indian motivational speakers are quite effective in inspiring people who are driven to succeed. Indian motivational speakers are a godsend for people who wish to succeed.

But what if there was a method to inspire you through a professional speaker? In fact, there is! There are numerous motivational speakers in India who can keep you inspired and motivated while assisting you in getting more out of life. Your negative ideas will be banished since they will assist you realise what inspires you and what doesn’t.

India has produced motivational speakers that have inspired people and changed audiences through their pep talks, whether they were speaking about politics, self-development, life skills, communication skills, self-confidence, positive thinking, leadership abilities, or sales skills.

Nearly everyone in today’s world is surrounded by negativity. These days, motivational speakers are attempting to steer clear of depression and negativity in their talks due to the high number of cases of depression that could be caused by a variety of factors. The motivational speaker teaches how to go forward in life by removing these problems, yet people always focus on the problem. many days, many motivational speakers also upload their videos to YouTube, which allows millions of people to hear what they have to say. The top motivational speakers who have inspired millions of people through talks and videos were discussed in this article.

Here is a list of the top 10 motivational speakers in India, who have inspired millions of people from all walks of life and are excellent role models:

1. Jaggi Vasudev(Sadhguru)

“The most beautiful moments in life are moments when you are expressing your joy, not when you are seeking it.” – Sadhguru

When we were all riveted to our phones during the lockdown, we all first heard the term Sadhguru.The most well-known motivational speaker in the world right now is Jaggi Vasudev.

He uses a combination of wit, sarcasm, creativity, and spiritual insight to motivate others to practise and perfect the art of being composed, avoiding unpleasant emotions like annoyance, and being more effective. Insightful nuggets from these films have also been posted by him on a number of other social media platforms.Yoga, the environment, education, and general personality development are just a few of the many subjects that Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is quite informed about. His 10.2 million YouTube subscribers and 8.2 million Instagram followers are unmatched by many motivational speakers.

Due to the fact that they feature him having very interesting chats on a range of themes, both young and old like viewing these.

Short BIO:
Age: 65 Years
Location: Mysore, Karnataka, India
Founder: Isha-foundation
Profession: Indian Yogi, Motivational Speaker, & Author

Achievement: Padma Vibhushan (2017)
Books: More than 30 books, Few are:
1. A Taste of Well Being
2. Emotion and Relationship
3. Sadhguru: More Than a Life

Social Media Followers:
8.9 M – Instagram
4M – Twitter
10.6 M – Youtube

2. Shiv Khera

“Winners see the gain; losers see the pain” – Shiv Khera

Shiv Khera must be mentioned when talking about the Top 10 Indian Motivational Speakers. Despite many setbacks, Shiv Khera has now attained a significant position in his life. With his ideas, he has improved the lives of many individuals. Additionally, he has published numerous inspiring books that have allowed him to share his views with countless readers. In America, Shiv Khera has established a business called Qualified Learning Systems, which has branches around the world. Today, Shiva Khera is a well-known motivational speaker and author. Shiv Khera is one of the most well-known authors and speakers in the world who has worked to improve the lives of millions of people direction with his thoughts.

Millions of people now look to him as their leader and follow him. You’d be astounded to hear of his success; he used to work as a car washer and insurance agent until his family’s coal mines were nationalised by the Indian government. He attained this level only after a great deal of effort and sacrifice. His motivational speeches are so engaging and interesting that people adore listening to them. His speech has had a profound impact on many people’s lives because of the inspiration and positivity he provides.

Short BIO:
Age: 61 Years
Location: Dhanbad Jharkhand, India
Founder: Qualified Learning Systems Inc. the USA
Profession: Author, Educator, Business Consultant, & Motivational Speaker

1. Jeet Aapki
2. You can win
3. You can sell
4. Freedom is not freedom

Social Media Followers:
75.5k – Instagram
30.2k – Twitter
72.2k – Youtube

3. Dr Ujjwal Patni

“While helping others, if there is happiness in the heart, then the service is the rest” – Dr Ujjwal Patni

Author, motivational speaker, and international trainer Ujjwal Patni. He typically speaks about topics related to business and life. He has received numerous accolades, and he has written numerous books. Millions of people are inspired by him today thanks to his talks and programmes.

He is one of the best motivational speakers in India because he wants to teach young people how to appeal to their unusual side. Ujjwal has a unique way of communicating things to others; in his opinion, it’s very simple to live an average life, therefore he encourages others to discover their remarkable potential in order to succeed.

Additionally, he writes internationally. He is the author of numerous best-selling books. His books are available in around 12 different languages. He enjoys a great deal of popularity in India. He has received numerous accolades, and three times, his name has been listed in the Guinness World Records. He is among India’s top motivational speakers. Participants in his seminar come from both inside and outside of India, and many of them are won over by his brilliant concepts. Additionally, he has a YouTube channel where he often uploads videos.He has won numerous honours including the Real Sanwad Excellence Award, the Saraswati Ratan Sammaan, the National Gaurav Award, and the Honour of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Bravery Award.

Short BIO:
Age: 48 Years
Location: Chhattisgarh, India
Founder: Business Jeeto
Profession: Dynamic Motivational Speaker, & Performance Coach

3 Guinness World Records and 15 Other Prestigious Awards

1. Safal Vakta Safal Vyakti
2. Network Marketing Kitna Sach Kitna Jhooth
3. Power of thinking

Social Media Followers:
978.1k – Facebook
329k – Instagram
59k – Twitter
6.4M – Youtube

4. Dr Vivek Bindra

“If you try to be the best, you will be No. But, if you try to be unique, you will be the only one” – Dr Vivek Bindra

Dr. Vivek Bindra has demonstrated that success is assured for those who continue to work hard throughout their lives, despite any significant difficulties they may encounter. The Indian capital of Delhi is where Vivek Bindra was born on April 5, 1982. One of today’s most well-known business coaches, trainers, and motivational speakers is Dr. Vivek Bindra. When Vivek Bindra was 2.5 years old, his father passed away, and his early years were difficult. He nevertheless motivated millions of people with his talks and business advice.

Tycoons of today’s huge companies contact Vivek Bindra before making judgements. Additionally, Vivek Bindra received Asia’s Best Motivational Speaker Award. Many struggling companies and enterprises have today found success by using Vivek Bindra’s lessons. He has authored numerous books throughout his life, and millions of young people and businesspeople try to learn from them. Vivek Bindra’s YouTube channel is titled Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker. Vivek Bindra currently has 18 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, where he consistently uploads his videos. Founder of Bada Business Pvt. Ltd. is Vivek Bindra. The only business coach with eight Guinness World Records is Vivek Bindra. Today Vivek Bindra is one of the top 10 motivational speakers in India, despite the fact that there are many more.

Short BIO:
Age: 40 Years
Location: New Delhi, India
Founder: Bada Business Pvt. Ltd.
Profession: Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur

Winner of the Best Leadership Trainer Award
8 Guinness World Records by Guinness World Records, London

1. Everything About Leadership
2. Double Your Growth
3. From Pocket Money to Professional Money

Social Media Followers:
10 M – Facebook
3.1 M – Instagram
277.6 k – Twitter
20 M – Youtube

5. Sandeep Maheshwari

“Success comes from experiences, experiences come from bad experiences” – Sandeep Maheswari

With his remarks, Sandeep Maheshwari has changed the lives of millions of people. He is without a doubt one of India’s top motivational speakers. His popularity and following as a motivational speaker are highest in India. Sandeep came from a middle-class background. He is not just a successful entrepreneur but also a motivational speaker. Sandeep Maheshwari, who also enjoys photography, founded and serves as CEO of Images Bazaar, the largest online repository of photographs from India.

He always reminds his audience that nothing is difficult and that the difficulty level decreases as you work on the task. He is therefore India’s most in-demand motivational speaker because he embodies the unwavering attitude of a true leader. He posts inspirational films and even tells his own narrative to highlight his challenges in life.

Sandeep Maheshwari desires to impart his knowledge to Indian youth. He enjoys great popularity among young people as a result. Sandeep Maheshwari also runs the Sandeep Maheshwari YouTube channel. He continues to post videos on YouTube, where he has almost 22 million subscribers. Sandeep Maheshwari has had many setbacks during his life, and perhaps as a result, he is currently one of India’s top motivational speakers.

Short BIO
Age : 42 Years
Location: New Delhi, India
Profession: Motivational Speaker, Youtuber & Entrepreneur

1. One of India’s Most Promising Entrepreneurs.
2. Creative Entrepreneur of the Year 2013.
3. Young Creative Entrepreneur Award.
4. Star Youth Achiever Award Instituted.
5. Pioneer of Tomorrow Awarded

How to Control Your Mind?
Rules of Money: 15 Golden Rules To Become Rich
The Right Way: Motivation and Inspiration

Social Media Followers:
16 M – Facebook
3.6 M – Instagram
264.8k – Twitter
25.5 M – Youtube

6. Gaur Gopal Das

He is one of the funniest motivational speakers around and is totally unique from the competition. He has mentored students, famous people, and business executives all around the world. Gaur Gopal Das is an excellent motivational speaker who is really spiritual, gentle, and not at all motivated by pressures.

All of this is made possible by the enduring wisdom he possesses. He inspires people to think more deeply and assists them in coming up with straightforward solutions to complex issues. His thought is an excellent synthesis of traditional theory and cutting-edge contemporary psychology, which makes him unique in this regard.

Gaur Gopal Das was also dubbed “The Ideal Young Spiritual Guru” by the Indian student body of MIT, Pune. He stands out from the competitors and is among the funniest motivational speakers. He has coached students, celebrities, and business leaders all around the world. Excellent motivational speaker Gaur Gopal Das is spiritual, kind, and unaffected by external pressures.

His lectures encourage people to think more deeply and help them to come up with simple answers to difficult problems because of the enduring wisdom he possesses. He is exceptional in this sense since his concept is an outstanding combination of conventional theory and cutting-edge modern psychology.

Short BIO:
Age: 49 Years
Location: Wambori, Ahmednagar, Maharastra, India
Profession: Monk, Author, Filmmaker

1. Rotary International’s Super Achiever Award by Rotary Club Mumbai, India, 2016
2. YouTube Silver Creator Award by YouTube, 2017
3. Danveer Karna Award, by KIIT, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, 2017
4. Youth Spiritual Guru Award by MIT World Peace University, Pune, 2018
5. Best Spiritual/Motivational Show On The Web by Indian Wiki Media, Alt Balaji, 2018
6. Gandhi Peace Prize by Bharat Nirman Foundation, 2018
7. Bharat Shiromani Award by the Shiromani Institute, 2019
8. Dadasaheb Phalke Global Change Maker of the Year 2020 by Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival (DPIFF), 2020
9. Bharat Gaurav Award by Sanskriti Yuva Sanstha, 2021
10. Most Positive Social Media Influencer by India Today, 2022 and many more.

Life’s Amazing Secrets

Social Media Followers:
7.6M – Facebook
170K – Instagram
172.6K – Twitter
3.15M – Youtube

7. Shivani Verma

“Life is a beautiful experience of sharing, caring, and cooperating with others.” – BK Shivani

In 1972, Shivani Verma was born in Pune. She joined the Brahma Kumaris in 1995 when she was about 23 years old; her mother had been a Gyaan member before her. Shivani made the decision to travel once or twice a week to a neighbouring centre to listen to Murli after observing her mother’s positive change in behaviour. She gradually discovered that God is instructing in this passage directly. She used her understanding of science to comprehend how God, who is invisible, functions in the world.

She is a well-known figure in India’s Brahma Kumaris spiritual movement and goes by the name Sister Shivani. In addition to being a superb motivational speaker, she also hosts the television show “Awakening with Brahmakumaris.”

Awakening with Brahmakumaris and Happiness Unlimited are only two of Sister Shivani’s well-known works. Additionally, she received the ASSOCHAM Ladies League’s Women of the Decade Achievers Award in 2014 and the Nari Shakti Award in 2019. She talks about different life stages, how to be happy, and how one’s own actions affect happiness.

BK Shivani emphasises that we must always keep in mind that we are the ones who must live with our own decisions every time we become upset by the actions of others. People can turn away from our grief, fear, rage, or hatred. However, we are unable to escape ourselves. Therefore, it is crucial that we maintain our composure at all times. Even when the mind is agitated, we must give  it answers and silence it.

Short BIO:
Age: 50 Years
Location: Gurugram, Haryana, India
Founder: Manufacturer and Supplier of Aarogya Ras (TsMadaan)
Profession: Motivational Speaker, teacher of Rajyoga Meditation, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization.

1. Women of the Decade Achievers Award by ASSOCHAM Ladies League in 2014
2. Nari Shakti Award in March 2019.
3. In 2017 she was named as a goodwill ambassador of the World Psychiatric Association

Happiness Unlimited: Awakening With Brahma Kumaris.

Social Media Followers:
3.9M – Facebook
1.3M – Instagram
56.4K – Twitter
5.42M – Youtube

8. Priya Kumar

“Love makes memories” – Priya Kumar

One of India’s top female motivational speakers is Priya Kumar. Not just in India, but all throughout the world, Priya Kumar is well recognised. A well-known author and motivational speaker is Priya Kumar. She has published numerous books to date. Priya has authored 15 novels that are inspirational. In addition, Priya Kumar has received 14 international and 3 national awards. She was recognised with 42 international book awards, becoming the first author from India to do so.

Priya Kumar broke the record for the youngest motivational speaker in the nation in 1998 when she was 24 years old. Many people already adore her for her engaging and unique speaking style. Dr. Niranjan Patel mentored her early in her career as a motivational speaker. Priya Kumar also runs a Priya Kumar YouTube channel. Priya Kumar’s YouTube channel, where she regularly uploads her videos, currently has 80k subscribers. She delivers more speeches with a motivational message in English. In the majority of her works, she emphasises spiritual and inspirational themes. She has collaborated with more than 2000 corporations across more than 40 countries. Millions of people have been motivated by Priya Kumar’s inspirational writings and lectures.

Short BIO:
Age: 49 Years
Location: Chandigarh, Punjab, India
Founder: Priya Kumar’s Training Systems
Profession: Writer, & Motivational Speaker

Achievement: Eric Hoffer Award in 2012

Books: She is the author of 12 books and novels:
1. License to Live (2010)
2. I Am Another You: A Journey To Powerful Breakthroughs (2010)
3. Thinking Aloud: A Collection Of Original Inspirational Quotes (2013)
4. I Will Go with You: The Flight of a Lifetime (2015)
5. Ek Super Hero Ki Shandaar Kahani (2015), Hindi translation of The Inspiring Journey of a Hero
6. A Regal Man: The Life & Lessons of Vasu Shroff (2021) and many more..

Social Media Followers:
629k – Facebook
271k – Instagram
31.7k – Twitter
83k – Youtube

9. Sonu Sharma

“A man should never forget his status and past, that person is always successful in life” – Sonu Sharma

Millions of people love Sonu Sharma as a motivational speaker, and he is well-known not just in India but all around the country. A successful network marketer, author, business counsellor, educator, and corporate trainer, he also gives motivational speeches. Dynamic India Group was founded by Sonu Sharma as well. Early in life, he had a lot of financial struggles. But because to his diligence and talent, Sonu Sharma has currently attained a remarkable position in his life. He has authored numerous books. Sonu Sharma also has a YouTube account. He frequently uploads videos to his channel, which motivates millions of people.

In addition to his many talents, he enjoys writing. He has written a number of inspirational books that might help us live healthier lives. He is currently one of India’s youngest spiritual speakers. He inspires individuals to recognise and value their actual potential. He has spread his message about a lively individual to the other side of the globe. His two decades of research and comprehension of the direct sales industry have helped countless businesses find success and growth.

Short BIO:
Age: 41 Year
Location: Faridabad, Haryana, India
Founder: Dynamic India Group
Profession: Author, Educator, Business Consultant, and Entrepreneur

Achievement: King of network marketing
1. Prerit karne ke mission par agrasar
2. Java EE and .NET interoperability

Social Media Followers:
9.3M – Facebook
2.5M – Instagram
111.7k – Twitter
9.92M – Youtube

10.Tarvinder Singh Madaan(TsMadaan)

One of the most well-known motivational speakers in India is T S Madaan. He has extensive training as a motivational speaker. In addition to giving motivational speeches, he also serves as a sales coach and a life coach. He has been a motivational speaker for more than 40 years. He wants everyone to advance both personally and professionally. He focuses the majority of his presentations on topics such as leadership, optimism, stress management, human interactions, behaviour, and confidence. Him-eesh Madaan, his son, is also a well-known Indian motivational speaker.

Millions of people like listening to him nowadays. He receives numerous invitations to motivational shows. He also has a YouTube channel. He frequently posts videos to his channel, which motivates millions of people. More than 1500 motivational videos are uploaded on his YouTube channel.

Short BIO:
Age: 62 Years
Location: Amritsar, Punjab, India
Founder: Manufacturer and Supplier of Aarogya Ras (TsMadaan)
Profession: Motivational Speaker, Youtuber & Entrepreneur

1. President of India Medal from Rashtrapati.
2. Udyog Rattan.
3. Certificate of Excellence in Management and Innovation.

Social Media Followers:
37k – Facebook
21.1k – Instagram
11k – Twitter
11.9 M – Youtube

The obstacles in our lives today are numerous, but if you attend their live events or watch their webinars, you may easily overcome them. You must put up a valiant fight while maintaining your composure and, most importantly, your dignity. By paying attention to these lovely motivational speakers, you can tap into more energy and happiness inside of yourself and distribute it around the country.

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