Top 10 Beer Cafes in Bangalore

People in Bangalore now drink beer instead of filter coffee! With so many microbreweries to pick from, a mug of craft beer is all that’s required to get the party started, whether it’s a celebration, family gathering, friend reunion, or business meeting. So, here is a list of the top 10 craft beer breweries in Bangalore.

Discovering Bangalore’s independent breweries, pubs, and microbreweries is highly recommended. The city’s booming craft beer scene and dynamic nightlife are said to collide here to create Bangalore’s beer paradise. You’re in for a treat if you enjoy drinking beer or just like to relax with a cold one. We’ve compiled a list of Bangalore’s top 10 beer cafes where you can sample a wide variety of craft brews and take in the lively atmosphere.

1. Brewsky, JP Nagar, Bangalore

Brewsky is a well-known beer cafe in Bangalore that is perched on a rooftop with amazing views. Every sip is a joy with a broad range of artisan brews, from hopped ales to silky stouts. Its welcoming atmosphere and live music make it the ideal location for a relaxing evening.

Toit, a pioneering brewpub in Bangalore, is a paradise for lovers of fine beer. They have a wide variety of freshly made beers to suit all tastes. That plus their mouthwatering pub fare makes for a winning formula for a fun night out a good location for family gatherings. It wasn’t packed at all.

The staff was friendly and attentive. The meals were standard fare.They play some really wonderful electronic music gigs in the background, and the music is excellent. They also alternate with a few brief live karaoke performances, which you may or may not find enjoyable. You can really hold a discussion with your diners while getting a bite to eat because the music isn’t too loud anyway and the space is rather large. International/fusion food is excellent, with medium-sized quantities of fish, pork, or vegetables.

2.Toit Brewpub, Indiranagar

The New England IPA from this well-known Indiranagar microbrewery, which bursts with tropical taste and leaves you with a mouthful of fruitiness, is one of several delightful craft beers that the establishment is famous for throughout all of India. While you’re here, gather your crew and order some of the delectable Okra Podi Chips and Chicken Wings, which go great with your preferred alcoholic beverages.

Learn firsthand how breweries actually operate, what goes into making your favorite beers, and which foods match best with each type of beer. However, if you’re mostly drinking beer in the summer to cool off, set the fridge dial as low as it will go. Crisp beers like pilsner and lager taste their best when they’re chilled.

3. Brooks and Bonds Brewery, Koramangala

The Brooks and Bonds Brewery is without a doubt the best brewery in Bangalore when it comes to fantastic breweries. Everyone enjoys their seasonal mango beer and oatmeal stout. We encourage you to try their crispy California Fried Chicken and delicious thin-crust Italiano pizza while you’re busy observing the lovely patio environment here. This brewery in Bangalore is excellent because of the abundant cuisine, welcoming employees, and lovely setting.

When I think of Brooks and Bonds, I just think about their incredible craft beer. Popularly known for its mango cider, it’s a cute little spot that doubles as a lounge and a beautiful rooftop, providing tasty snacks and some seriously kick-ass fresh brewed beer. The glass entrance on the fourth floor opens to a lounge with a nice ambiance and couches scattered all over. It has a pleasant spirit of its own and is simply decorated. The brewery in Bangalore is a must-visit if you want to experience the industrialized pub that serves piping-hot craft beverages and mouthwatering meals. Miss out on the MANGO CIDER!

4. Arbor Brewing Company, Brigade Road

One of Bengaluru’s best microbreweries, Arbor Brewing Company on Brigade Road produces fantastic craft beers in addition to a tantalizing array of cuisine. When you walk inside Arbor Brewing Company, the first thing you notice is how much room the microbrewery offers—a rarity in pub culture. The seating area has an intensive, contemporary appearance thanks to the sophisticated industrial décor that emphasizes polished wood, leather couches, iron bar stools, and dim lighting. Grab the green couch next to the vats to heighten the microbrewery atmosphere.

People of MG Road! Arbor Brewing Company is your adda if you’re searching for a cozy, small microbrewery to unwind after a busy week. When you enter, you are greeted by the welcoming warm yellow lighting and wooden chairs. We suggest you sample their Smooth Criminal beer, which has honey and lavender added to it, and Beach Shack, an Indian Pale Ale, both of which have unique characteristics. You’re good to go while you sip on your craft beer and enjoy some healthy Bangalore nachos and rich Baked Mac & Cheese.

5. Prost Brew Pub, Koramangala

Bangalore’s Koramangala 4th Block is home to Prost Brew Pub. Prost Brew Pub’s interiors are stylish and contemporary. The majority of the events held at Prost Brew Pub are birthday, bachelor, or freshmen parties. Prost Brew Pub has room for 500 guests. The in-house DJ at Prost Brew Pub supports a number of special nights and events. The Prost Brew Pub offers Indian, Chinese, Italian, and Continental cuisines. Prost Brew Pub is the ideal location for any celebration with friends, family, or coworkers.

At this European-styled tavern in Koramangala, you may have a cup of locally brewed beer while watching live broadcasts of your preferred sporting events. At Prost Brew Pub, enjoy their specialty brews including Fruit Cider, Lager, and Stout while hanging out with your friends. Enjoy the European pub-like ambiance while indulging in their mouthwatering Overloaded Nachos, crunchy Koli Chips, and Mangalorean Coastal Sautee Chicken.

The beer is excellently crafted and tasty. Love this place’s apple cider. The meal is excellent. The servings of the dish are generous here.

6. Byg Brewski Brewing Company, Hennur

The Big Brewsky is really serious about its brews! You will adore it if you agree. beer with superb flavor that is fresh and crisp. The atmosphere is another factor. Excellent design and decoration that let you take advantage of the wonderful weather. The décor and furniture have quirky colors and details. Spread out over 20,000 square feet to prevent any claustrophobia. This location is well worth the walk to Sarjapur if you’re up for it.

If you’re from Bangalore, you really must visit Byg Brewski Brewing Company, the largest microbrewery in Asia. Here, you’ll find plenty of Instagrammable moments thanks to the spellbinding ambiance of a lovely lake with ducks, outdoor eating, and lush vegetation. This establishment features a huge selection of craft beers, as well as unique and vintage cocktails that will give you a weekend high. Enjoy delectable bar fare like Calcutta Club Chicken Cutlet and Arabic Fatayer. This microbrewery also offers delicious corporate cuisine and Sunday brunch alternatives to meet all of your needs on special occasions.

A must-see location if you’re looking for a decent brewery in Bangalore’s northern region. It is enormous and spacious with lot’s of greenery around . You will love the vibe here. The food here is really good.

7. Shakesbierre, Brigade Road

Yes, as soon as you walk in, you can’t help but be charmed with the atmosphere. Shakespeare’s famous Tempest line, “Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here,” is included in a large graphic that creates the atmosphere. Shakespearean characters will be depicted on chairs spread over the entire floor, thrilling fans.

You have to adore the odd name of this rooftop brewery in Bangalore; not only do they keep the theme across the entire establishment, but they were also one of the first in Bangalore to do so. With a wide selection of beer and food, it’s a great place to hang out on the weekends. They have a pleasant atmosphere that transports you back to the time of the bard. Try them all. Do try all of their eight in-house beers, as they are great.

8. Stories – The Brew Chapter, BTM

Breweries in Bangalore each have a unique story to tell through their delectable food, lovely ambiance, and fresh brews. Because of this, the Brew chapter in BTM Layout is unique. You can toast the next chapters of your life while downing those mouthwatering artisan beers, such as Ragi IPA, Lime Pilsner, and Jamun Wit. To enhance your eating experience, get the delectable Burnt Garlic Chicken Tikka, Paneer Pepper Fry, and Suya Kebab, which are all terrific bar snacks.

There is a very lengthy stretch of indoor space with a misty-fying region where the ceiling is equipped with water sprayers that are timed to release misty water. Indian, Mexican, Italian, and Continental cuisines are included on the menu. Craft beers, a sizable selection of signature cocktails, traditional cocktails, wine, champagne, mojitos, margaritas, etc. are all available on the bar menu. They have 7 distinct flavors of handcrafted beer, each with a distinctive volume and harshness of alcohol. They also have a seasonal mango beer.

9. Communiti, Residency Road

At the Communiti in MG Road, unwind with your neighborhood. Communiti is the perfect place for you to unwind with your closest friends while enjoying a wide selection of mouthwatering food and refreshing beverages. We adored their spicy Pepper Glazed Chicken and the Middle Eastern dish Baba Ganoush with Pita Bread. Their cold artisan ales, such Irish Ale and Czech Pilsner, are perfect for washing it down. pet owners! One of the pet-friendliest breweries in Bangalore is Communiti, where you are welcome to bring your pet dogs and cats.
The location is quite large and extremely gorgeous. The atmosphere and lighting are extremely lovely. Go preferably at night since the lighting is this place’s major draw. They do have a best feature, which is library where they would serve liquor. The smoking zone is separate on the first floor and the lighting is just amazing.

10. Ironhill, Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli

The popular chain of breweries in India providing craft beers and finger-licking snacks was founded on the tenet “One for All, All for One.” beverage aficionados will enjoy the flavors of the beverage. This location is a must-visit with family or friends because of its enormous space and comfy indoor and outdoor seats. As soon as you enter Ironhill, the architecture and landscape take you to a location you can’t possibly conceive on such a busy road. As you enter, a sizable hall with covered seating leads to the outdoors and a story above, where gazebos and outside umbrellas offer partial covering.

The space is enormous and provides a variety of seating options. The beer is of excellent quality and is always fresh. The cuisine menu itself is extremely intriguing. During peak hours, the entrance and music can both be improved!

These are Bangalore’s top bars and breweries. They all have excellent reviews, and consumers adore the products they provide. So give them a try to discover new flavors and great alcohol.

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