Guhantara: A Dayout at India's First Underground Cave Resort

Guhantara: A Dayout at India's First Underground Cave Resort

When you couldn’t plan for a long distance in weekdays, must go with some Resort plan with family to spend a quality time. This year end we had a plan for resort and guess what we found a near by place Guhantara and nothing but it is India’s First Underground Cave Resort.

This hidden place in the middle of Karnataka draws tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. Traces of long-gone civilizations coexist here with modern in their hearts and beneath the earth, beckoning to those who come for peace and quiet or enjoyment.

When entering the cave with family, the entrance appears cinematic and is a pleasant experience. Guhantara offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities to prevent boredom. Digital fatigue is a significant issue, particularly for visitors to our location, therefore we make sure you never lack for things to do during your visit. While you relax at your own pace, break out of the usual. Couples, families, and large groups can all feel completely at ease thanks to the opulent setting and ambiance.

If you’re referring to the facilities, we assist you in getting ready for the unexpected from the moment you enter Guhantara through an airy cave tunnel. The sound of a man-made waterfall will greet you as you enter the open area at the end of the tunnel. Get ready to participate in the many activities that are waiting for you there. As our own staff indulges all of your desires while making sure you can enjoy your day out in peace, the magical feeling never completely leaves you.

Guhantara: A Dayout at India's First Underground Cave Resort

The concept is interesting and enjoyable too for those who love nature. Not much more kids activities, only few items are there. So not taking too much time with our kids to feel boared, we went for lunch as it was midday. The buffet was arranged for all and people as usual hurry to finish the plate soon. Next the Rain dance with DJ started and this part we enjoyed alot specially with my son who danced nicely with the music.

Looking to the weather, we missed our tea and returned to our home before evening. Not much more fun we did, but yes can suggest to go and have spend full day in the resort.

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