These startups, which prioritize luxury, convenience, and state-of-the-art technology, are spearheading innovation in the automobile sector. In a dynamic environment, both current and prospective new participants are always changing and adding to the sector’s continuous metamorphosis. These firms are redefining luxury while simultaneously emphasizing convenience and safety through the combination of cutting-edge technologies, and networking. The ability of these firms to transform parking as well as driving experiences is a testament to the dynamic nature of technical breakthroughs in the ever-evolving automobile industry.

Below are five startups that redefine luxury while also addressing and resolving parking challenges:

1. Keydroid: The Future of Keys

Keydroid provides high-end car key fobs that are not only highly visible but also equipped with extra features. Tron, Nova, Blade, Edge, and Slate are the five variations that they currently produce. Our touchscreen-enabled car key remotes can be customised to fit your specific vehicle, telling a Mercedes from a BMW.

Their smart keys come with a proximity-locking car lock remote that lets you unlock your car without using your hands when it’s close by. In addition, in the event that the key is lost or left with the valet, your phone number is displayed on the HD touchscreen. You can personalise the colour of each of our vehicle key fobs. Keydroid is committed to providing the most customised experience possible with our opulent automobile key fobs, which come with an impressive array of features. To fill the gap in the key personalization market, Keydroid was created. Their team has created and selected high-end car keys that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also equipped with an abundance of features.

2. ParkMate: You Drive, We Park

An intelligent app-based platform that is transforming the parking landscape for users and businesses across the country. ParkMate offers smart, hyperlocal, and on-demand parking solutions that are setting new industry standards. Our instant Drop & Shop service provides users with real-time confirmed parking anywhere they desire, offering unparalleled convenience and flexibility. With ParkMate, our attendants undergo OTP verification, ensuring the highest level of security, and all cars are GPS-tagged, enabling users to track their vehicle’s live movement for added peace of mind. One of our flagship services, the Trishool system for parking management, has been garnering attention for its cutting-edge technology. It offers a three-tier integration of the FASTag + ANPR + UniPay system, which utilizes state-of-the-art HD cameras, an inbuilt controller, and our proprietary software. This advanced system enables seamless scanning of license plates and effortless vehicle entry management, revolutionizing how parking is managed and enhancing the overall parking experience.

3. Park +: Your Car App

What started as a mission to connect commuters to safe, secure and digitized parking spaces all across the country has now expanded to become a safe space to cater to people’s car needs. When we first launched Park+, we wanted to make it easier for travelers to save time when searching for parking spaces at different spots in the country. But as we connected with our users, we identified the need to expand our horizon to cater to other car-related needs like insurance renewal, FASTag-related issues, challan payment, etc. Going by the mantra that change will always remain the only constant, we have now extended our services to everything car-related and just go by the one simple rule,“Simplifying the process of owning a car”

4. AutoBahn

The global patent brand “AUTOBAHN“, specializes in the design, R&D, production and sales of automobile products like LED headlights, fog lights, turn signal,  tail and brake led lights, pilot led lights and Infotainment systems. The main partners include Osram, Philips, CREE, Seoul Semiconductor, Jingrui semiconductors etc.

5. Park 360: Smart Parking Solutions

Your general parking or mobility experience is far from ideal in day-to-day scenarios. With fewer parking spots available and an increasing number of vehicles, one could only expect things to get worse. To comprehend & build solutions that are unique to their use case, they collaborate with Smart Cities, Governments, Corporates, Commercial Complexes (Malls, Hotels, etc.), Residential Communities, and practically any Businesses or Entities.

PARK360 is aware that, in some circumstances, having staff or attended parking solutions is necessary because of things like cost, physical limitations, the nature of the business, etc. Their solutions are created with the highest care to be simple for staff to use, to use little time, and to deliver in-depth analytical results.

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