This year, the rapid boom in the start-up ecosystem in India and across the world threw light on how the entrepreneurial landscape is continuously changing, particularly in the wake of the epidemic that altered the playing field. Since start-ups are the centre of novel innovations, they generate jobs, which implies more career opportunities; more employment leads to a stronger and healthier economy. Here are a few well-known B2B start-ups that have experienced enormous growth in popularity this year:


Gurugram, Haryana-based PickMyWork is a gig platform that helps digital companies acquire end customers including shops for their products through a Pay-per-task model at a very low CAC. Incepted by three friends who are now its co-founders, Kajal Malik, Vidyarthi Baddireddy, and Utsav Bhattacharjee, founded PickMyWork in 2019. With Indian youth primed to complete delivery gigs for Food Delivery / Hyperlocal apps like Swiggy, Zomato, and Big Basket and earn commissions, the founders created PickMyWork, a pay-per-sale gig platform, where sales gigs could be completed for internet companies with the promise of 3X earnings/hour of effort compared to delivery gigs.


Based out of Gurugram, SuperBot is the brainchild of Mr. Sarvagya Mishra and Mr. Ankit Ruia. It is bridging the communication gap between organizations and their clients, with the potential of placing or attending over 1 million calls a day. With SuperBot’s prowess as an intelligent, AI-powered voice agent, the Co-founders envision a future where every local business or shop will be equipped to operate a full-fledged customer support centre, notwithstanding any delays or lags in communication and the consequent loss of revenue.


WCube is a Bottom Of The Pyramid tech enabled procurement platform for mid and large sized enterprises. WCube aims to be building a sustainable buying platform for B2B enterprises across SEA and GCC over the next 10 years. The focus is to create an environment structured towards the manufacturer driven buying model for large enterprises, bridging quality products to global supply chain requirements.


Bizongo helps brands and enterprises achieve scalable growth through our AI-powered vendor digitization and embedded financing platform. They are the only transaction-first platform with built-in ecosystems of vendors and financial institutions. With access to deep intelligence on transactional data, these institutions can take better financing calls, enabling brands to finance their entire MSME vendor network at scale. Bizongo’s platform has an embedded ecosystem of 450+ brands/enterprises across diverse industries, an extensive vendor network of 7,500+ businesses, and 30+ financial institutions. In essence, Bizongo also offers ease of business and growth opportunities to businesses across India’s backbone industries.


Retailio is India’s largest and fastest growing B2B Pharma Platform with a presence in 100+ cities with a network of 1000+ Healthcare/Pharma Companies, 3000+ Pharmaceutical Distributors, 1L+ Pharmacies, hospitals, Nursing Homes & 200,000+ SKUs. Retailio has been at the forefront of ensuring quality products & timely service during the entire Covid-19 scenario. The brand’s mission is to simplify the retail business and make supply chains easily accessible and beautifully uncomplicated. Through its high-powered app, driven teams, and smart operations, Retailio will unlock the earning potential of 10 million SME retailers in MENAP and lift the economy of the entire region.

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