A Trip to Chikmanglur – Tucked in the foothills of Mullyangiri range, lies the charming city of Chikmagalur. The land of coffee as it is often called attracts thousands of tourists every year for its verdant valleys and green vistas. If you are in Bangalore, Chikmagalur must be high on your weekend bucket list. Planning for some adventure with friends or looking for a serene family getaway – Chikmagalur has something for everyone. But it’s not only that! If you travel to Karnataka, from anywhere in the world this monsoon beauty is something you shouldn’t miss. Here is a road trip itinerary for Chikmagalur which will inspire you to plan a trip this monsoon.

Chikmagalur is found 250 km away from Bangalore and there are every day transports that you can benefit for this excursion. In any case, the excellence of Chikmagalur is best delighted in on an excursion. On a typical storm day, it will take around 6 hours to reach Chikmagalur with a short supper break. The course by means of NH75 is the quickest and the best course from Bangalore. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you live close Tumakuru you can pass through NH 73.

When my better half and I travel together,it is more like a weekend trip with friends. We remain outdoor most of the time and try to explore as much as we can. I do not like the touch and go experience with attractions, and Chikmagalur is not a place for that either. You will feel like stopping at a number of places just to enjoy the views, there are many opportunities for trekking and exploring the coffee plantations. So this is what we would do on an ideal weekend trip to Chikmagalur.

Started around 11pm, arrived at our inn by 5 am and spruce up. As of now we have booked a rental bike for travelling. Then went for a trek to Mullyangiri as the climate was cool. In any case, on the off chance that you visit in the dry summer I’d recommend that you save the trek for the early morning time.

A Trip to Chikmanglur
A Trip to Chikmanglur

Extraordinary perspectives from the peak, lavish green backwoods, crisp and unadulterated air all through the adventure. Start journey ahead of schedule to have consistent perspectives, late evenings are generally foggy.The vehicle you are heading out in takes you to the base of the slope. From that point, to arrive at the top, you have to climb 300-400 odd steps. The perspectives from the top are pretty amazing.The drive to the top was fab , But once we reach there is a tremendous leaving problem.Road is restricted and with soak valley on one side henceforth one must be cautious likewise for huge autos u turn is a test. Stroll to top if top is reviving just thing that is blemish is sellers who swarm the passage.

A good ways off of 3 km down from Mullayanagiri ,a mountain top found Seethalayanagiri – a famous pinnacle holy place.

Seethalayanagiri_Jhari _falls
Seethalayanagiri_Jhari _falls

In transit, Jhari Waterfalls, otherwise called Buttermilk Falls, is a wonderful cascade arranged close Attigundi. Waters streaming over certain means and security to take a bathe too.

After a trekking and freeing, its time for a substantial lunch. There are not all that numerous eateries in that slope and I couldn’t ride in hungry state of mind. We went to a nearby dhaba where they arranged a Chicken in mustard flavor and egg rice. May be I had loved it , however my better half couldn’t that much.

At that point began drive to Bababudangiri slopes which is known for its sanctum to the Sufi holy person Hazrat Dada Hayat Khalandar, a journey site for the two Hindus and Muslims. Baba Budangiri (otherwise called Dattagiri and Chandra Drona Parvatha) is a mountain in the Baba Budan extend at an elevation of 1895 m. Baba Budangiri is named after the Muslim holy person, Baba Budan who used to dwell here. Baba Budan was a seventeenth century Sufi holy person who came to India in from Saudi to spread the message of Islam and harmony. As indicated by legend, he acquainted espresso with India by bringing beans from the port of Mocha, Yemen in 1670 AD. This spot is additionally significant for Hindus as Dattatreya Peetha. A cavern here is accepted to have been the habitation of Sri Dattatreya Swamy. A yearly Jatra or Festival, which is held for three days after the Holi Festival as per Hindu schedule, is gone to by the two Hindus and Muslims.


In the event that it’s past the point of no return so we need to returned before night. In transit we went to Siri Cafe – a decent spot to chill, in spite of the fact that it’s exceptionally packed. The Coffee there was incredible and place is worked to pull in visitors. We had gone through an hour with pleasant espresso.

So now first day over with a voyage towards north zone of Chikmanglur and sitting tight for next morning toward the south zone.


Early morning, we have begun venture towards Devaramane. Had a decent breakfast in transit and this time my wife enjoyed her food.Devaramane is a little town or villa in Mudigere Taluk. This spot is 56 km from Chikmanglur town and it takes you to a totally new skyline of experience. Experience, amazing perspective, relieving atmosphere, group of widely varied vegetation attributable to the dense.This ghats close by are the noticeable qualities of this remarkable spot. Devaramane is one of the best places for the vacationers to invest their relaxation energy with their loved ones.

This street isn’t that much group and in the center we lost the way as google map rerouting. Furthermore, a few streets are extremely tricky that we had slipped one spot as well. In any case God is there as no bystander was close to us in that wild street.


Devaramane gives assortment of choices to experience addicts and this makes it a perfect Trekking spot for the two amateurs and bad-to-the-bone trekkers. There are number of hillocks to climb, the Ettina Bhujha-Bulls Hump-back, otherwise called Shishila gudda, towers over the remainder of the tops in the zone. From a stature of 3000 ft, the thunder of the stream streaming underneath can be heard.

After an enormous perspectives and photograph shooting, we returned back with loaded with recollections. My better half gathered some espresso from a specialist in a plant and was glad to kept this recollections with her.

We had a lunch at Mudigere and thought to take rest in lodging. Afternoon, we had again begun to Deviramma Temple Bindiga in Bindiga. About 18Kms from Chikmanglur. According to folklore, goddess Chamundeshwari has been living in this sanctuary subsequent to murdering Mahishasura of Mysore (karnataka).

It’s night time and we again not missed to go Siri Cafe all things considered in transit.

We had thirty minutes there and returned to Chikmanglur. Had some Bhelpuri and packed away some Coffee and tea powder in Pandaram Store.

Presently second additionally over, returned to hotel and waiting for next morning to Bangalore with Chennakesava Temple,Belur which goes ahead the way.

The old temple of Karnataka’s Belur region The Chennakesava Temple (Also Chennakeshava) are a building wonder. What’s more, the town of Belur is home to probably the most excellent case of Hoysala design. This break may expand your outing by 60 minutes.

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