Uplers, India’s premier technology talent matchmaking firm, today announced the launch of it’s new ad film focussed on hiring the right tech talent. Conceived and produced by Granth creations, a leading Ahmedabad-based branding agency, the ad film captures the issues of recruitment processes through humour and concise story-telling.

The campaign, comprising an engaging short digital advertising film, narrates the hiring journey of Mark and Daniel, co-founders of a fast-scaling ad-tech startup. Even though the two entrepreneurs have successfully secured VC funding for the startup, their efforts to hire the right tech talent go in vain. They find the answer to the critical challenge when they finally get in touch with Uplers.

The campaign serves as a reflection of every founder and senior executive in the tech industry navigating the complexities of hiring while striving to meet expectations and deadlines of both investors and clients. Through real-life scenarios infused with humour and emotive storytelling, it also brings to life the benefits of remote work for international companies.

Commending Granth for the campaign, Dhaivat Mehta, Lead – Brand and Marketing at Uplers, said, “The short film is based on true stories as almost every single founder, in the tech industry or otherwise, has gone through the challenge of hiring top tech talent. It also emphasises on cultural fit, emotional intelligence and remote-readiness, which are as important as tech skills. Uplers excels in matchmaking and the campaign beautifully conveys the message. Kudos to Granth for the campaign.”

On the campaign launch, Kandarp Patel, Founder & Content-chief at Granth Creations, said, “Working with Uplers for the Ad film after successfully rolling out national campaign #MatchMakeHereInstead has been a truly rewarding experience. With stringent processes for screening, vetting, and matchmaking, Uplers ensures that only the best-fit candidates are shortlisted for recruiters and in quick time too. The campaign showcases this specialisation of Uplers. We are also delighted for the opportunity to highlight the remote teams are available for Indian tech talent with top global companies.”

From concept to scripting, storyboarding to casting, and production to final delivery, Granth took care of the entire campaign for Uplers. The digital and social media campaign strategically targeted platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and more, ensuring broad outreach to a diverse audience. Granth has established itself as an avant-garde creative branding agency and a future-minded powerhouse that elevates brands to their highest potential. The agency’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its diverse teams dedicated to various facets of brand building, spanning from content to design. With an array of services, including content creation, video production, experience design, digital marketing, development, language services, and PR services, Granth is well-positioned to help brands build a thriving community.

In a post-pandemic world, remote work has become the norm, especially for knowledge workers in technology and digital roles. Uplers recognises the growing demand for remote-friendly work culture and aims to bridge the gap by presenting India’s tech talent surplus as a valuable resource for global organisations through this innovative campaign.

Source: Press Release

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