Honeywell Hometown Solutions India Foundation (HHSIF), the philanthropic arm of Honeywell (NASDAQ: HON) in collaboration with Americares India Foundation, has successfully completed two projects aimed at enhancing primary healthcare centers (PHCs) and schools in rural India. With a combined investment of over 6 crores in FY 2023-24, HHSIF and Americares have upgraded 48 PHCs and 6 schools across Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, and Tamil Nadu.

Recognizing the critical gaps in healthcare infrastructure and educational facilities in rural communities, HHSIF embarked on a strategic journey to address these challenges in the year 2021-22. Over the years an investment of close to 17 crores has been made to upgrade 104 PHC, which has impacted over 30 lakh rural lives. In past year alone, HHSIF has invested nearly 4.5 crore towards upgrading 48 PHCs across Sangli, Satara, Nashik, Dehradun, Bhiwani and Kaithal. Vital medical equipment, coupled with essential training to proficiently operate the equipment, has been provided alongside the refurbishment of health center buildings ensuring that the PHC’s are well equipped to deliver healthcare services of the highest quality. The donated equipment includes vital medical instruments and devices crucial for effective healthcare delivery in palliative, maternity, dental, ophthalmic, immunization, ENT services and enhancing the capacity of these centers to cater to the healthcare needs of the communities they serve.

Post Covid, Honeywell India partnered with Americares India Foundation to enhance healthcare infrastructure.  In the last year the company also expanded its focus on boosting educational infrastructure to support communities with better access to healthcare and educational facilities.  Over last three years, the company has invested 14.56 crores across 3states to boost medical facilities for underprivileged communities. Our efforts this year have benefitted over 21 lakh people in these regions. Nearly 30 projects have been successfully completed in Maharashtra, 12 in Uttarakhand, 10 in Haryana and 2 in Tamil Nadu. Through sustainable community development initiatives, we aim to address the fundamental needs at the grassroots level, contributing to the overall well-being of the society,” said Ashish Modi, President, Honeywell India.

Shripad Desai, DSVP- Country Team Liaison Americares, said,With Our partnership with Honeywell for enhancing primary healthcare centers (PHCs) and schools in rural India, Americares have upgraded 48 PHCs and 6 schools across Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, and Tamil Nadu. With this collaboration, we aim to make a difference by Sustainable Community Development improving the quality of life in communities.”

In addition to strengthening healthcare infrastructure, Honeywell has invested 1.5 crore through project Anandgaon to upgrade school facilities and foster quality education. This initiative has positively impacted around 2000 students across six schools in Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, and Tamil Nadu. By focusing on comprehensive rural development, project Anandgaon, initiated in FY21-22 aims to provide educational and community infrastructure in remote rural areas, ensuring inclusive and equitable access to quality education. The initiative encompasses various aspects of school development, including classroom construction, smart class setup, and the construction of WASH facilities, such as handwashing stations, toilets, and drinking water facilities.

HHSIF, in collaboration with Americares, has enhanced over 104 PHCs and 10 schools, benefiting a total of 30 lakh+ beneficiaries since inception, and remains dedicated to prioritizing the enhancement of healthcare and educational infrastructure at the grassroots level. This partnership underscores Honeywell’s unwavering commitment to supporting the Indian government’s efforts to empower rural and underprivileged communities.

Source: Press Release

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