Casio India, the country’s largest and most cherished calculator brand, unveils its latest campaign for its flagship scientific calculator, the Casio ClassWiz FX-991CW.

Since its launch, Casio’s ClassWiz scientific calculators have been revered globally for their user-friendly interface and expansive functionality. With the advent of the FX-991CW, Casio sets a new benchmark in scientific calculators, reimagining them in a format that epitomizes simplicity and intuitive design. Offering an enhanced experience and robust capabilities, the ClassWiz FX-991CW is designed to play an instrumental role for Engineering students. ClassWiz offers online visualization of equations via QR Code which helps students to generate equations’ graphs and other graphics on smartphone and tablets. The calculator has over 540 built-in functions with labels presented in a clean, bold sans-serif typeface with enhanced glyphs to represent each scientific function. The keypad has been redesigned, featuring circular cursor keys that are easily accessible from any angle, ensuring effortless navigation.

The film, set amidst the vibrant backdrop of college life, presents a relatable scenario featuring Veer and Dev, two 1st Year Engineering students grappling with the uncertainties of their academic journey. During play rehearsals, Dev worries about the upcoming challenges until three seniors introduce him to the ‘Khaas Cheez’ being the Casio’s ClassWiz calculator. Furthermore, the film adeptly infuses humour into the narrative, illustrating how this powerful tool not only simplifies intricate mathematical problems but also empowers students to unlock their potential, fostering an environment where academic success harmonizes with pursuing passions.

Commenting on the campaign launch, Mr. Hideki Imai – Managing Director, Casio India said, “With the launch of our new campaign, we aspire to connect with bright, young minds, to portray Casio’s ClassWiz not merely as a calculator, but as a catalyst for academic triumph and individual advancement. A key tool ushering their journey ahead, ClassWiz brings technology-first functions that allows students to hone their skills while relying on the efficacy of our product. The simplicity, intuitive design, user-friendly interface, and expansive functionality of this tool makes it an ideal companion for Engineering and Diploma students”.

Commenting on the campaign launch, Mr. Rudraksh Vashist – Senior Creative Director, Continu Media expressed “Crafting the ad film for Casio has been a remarkable experience. In its unique quirky way, the film captures the essence of the Engineering journey of a student and how Casio Classwiz range of scientific calculators empowers the students to sail through it.”

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