Bengaluru, Best Power Equipments India Private Limited (BPE), a leading Indian manufacturer of end-to-end strategic power solutions, had a remarkable participation at the 12th Southern India Information Technology Fair (SIITF) 2023, held in Bengaluru on December 15th, 2023.

The Tech Summit, which redefined the boundaries of technology and innovation, revolved around the theme ‘Cloud First to Cloud Smart’ and aimed to prepare the VARs with various emerging technologies that will hit the market in 2024. BPE presented during the event and delved into the need for smart UPS solutions to power the fast-evolving digital landscape.

“India is positioned as one of the most dynamic destinations for cloud infrastructure. This industry is poised to achieve exemplary growth in the coming years. To grow at an unstoppable rate, the industry can never hit a pause due to power disruptions. BPE introduces a spectrum of top-tier power solutions designed to ensure uninterrupted industrial processes. Our 24/7 high-quality power offerings contribute to the seamless continuity of operations within the industry,” said Sushil Virmani, Managing Director, Best Power Equipments India Private Limited (BPE).

“We are a company driven by the Partner, for the Partner and of the Partner. In addition to the traditional 4 P’s of businesses i.e. Product, Price, Place, and Promotion, BPE incorporates an additional P for Profit. Our products always ascertain that ‘Power is on’ enabling businesses to achieve success. We not only give the most technologically advanced products to our customers but also enable them with tools needed to succeed,” said Arun Kumar T.M, AVP Sales, BPE who presented during the event.

During the event, BPE showcased its advanced UPS solutions,1-3 kVA and 6 kVA, Modular Series of smart solutions that adequately cater to the dynamics of the digital infrastructure industry. The products garnered enthusiasm among participants and industry leaders alike.

SIITF brought together the brightest minds from the startup community, SMEs, leading corporations, and industries to delve into the rapid advancements in IT and DeepTech, the Metaverse and WEB 3.0, Electronics and Semiconductors, Telecom and 6G, as well as Biotech and Health tech. The event was graced by over 100 participants, including VARs and CIOs from the Indian ICT Industry, who powered collaboration and knowledge exchange among visionary minds.

BPE, with more than two decades of expertise in the power solutions industry, has established itself as a provider of cost-effective yet top-quality power solutions that guarantees continuous and reliable energy supply to customers.

In FY 2022-23, BPE achieved a remarkable year-over-year revenue growth of 25%, making a significant positive impact on the bottom line, all while maintaining a debt-free status exceeded and 100% growth in profit. This year, the company achieved major feats in Indian and International markets. The company has been installing power quality products for critical installation in Data Center/ Medical/Education, IT, Telecom & Industry verticals.

BPE also launched a series of cutting-edge products and energy storage solutions for increased performance and durability. With these endeavors, the company is aggressively working towards making ‘Make in India’ mission a success.

Source: Press Release

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