In an era where the construction industry is witnessing an unprecedented shift towards gender inclusivity, the 6th Edition of The Real Woman Awards, held in New Delhi, stood out as a testament to this transformation. This prestigious event, marked by grandeur and significance, not only celebrated the achievements of women in the construction sector but also highlighted the evolving landscape of this traditionally male-dominated field.

The awards ceremony recognized the exceptional contributions of 25 women across various segments of the construction industry. These women, distinguished in fields such as architecture, interior design, landscape design, and green building consultancy, represent the vanguard of a new era in construction – an era defined by diversity, innovation, and sustainability.

The global construction industry has seen a gradual but steady increase in the participation of women. According to international labor statistics, women now make up a significant proportion of the construction workforce, bringing diverse perspectives and driving innovation. In India, the trend is similar, with more women entering the field, supported by government initiatives like ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ and corporate policies promoting gender diversity. Such initiatives align with global studies showing that companies with diverse leadership are often more innovative and profitable.

The event was graced by luminaries of the construction world, including Ms. Mili Majumdar, Mr. Reza Kabul, Mr. Mukesh Jaitley, Ms. Sonali Rastogi, Dr. Nancy Juneja, Ms. Sangeeta Mehta, Ms. Shormishtha Ghosh, Mr. Lalit Dutt and more. Their presence and insights added depth to the proceedings, with speeches that not only celebrated the awardees’ achievements but also underscored the critical role of diversity in fostering innovation and sustainable development in construction.

A pivotal aspect of this year’s edition was the partnership with ISHRAE Shakti, where the collaboration MOU between ISHRAE and Real Woman Global Community was also signed to forge a long lasting impactful relationship. This collaboration underscores the collective endeavor to support and amplify the role of women in construction. It is through such synergies that the industry can create comprehensive support systems, including mentorship and networking opportunities, essential for nurturing the next generation of women leaders in construction.

The Real Woman Awards go beyond mere recognition; they are a vital part of a broader narrative advocating for change in the construction industry. These awards serve as a catalyst for discussion, policy advocacy, and the establishment of new benchmarks in the industry. They are a call to action, inspiring more women to pursue and excel in construction careers.

Vijay Dalwani and Sheetal Bhilkar, the founders, in their closing remarks, emphasized the event’s significance in promoting female leadership in the construction industry. They reiterated their commitment to continuing this tradition, aiming to inspire and empower more women to join and thrive in this sector.

As the event drew to a close, it was evident that The Real Woman Awards had successfully shone a spotlight on the critical and growing role of women in the construction industry, paving the way for a more balanced and dynamic future.

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