energy levels

energy levels

Keeping your gut in good healthiness may be critical as it can affect your personality and regulate energy levels, finds a study.

The study led by investigators from Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York, showed that gut bacteria responsible for breaking down food and metabolomic pathways could influence a person’s energy levels, fatigue, and day-to-day personality Daily Mail reported.

The team found that specific, distinct bacteria were strongly associated with one of four defined disposition traits a person could hold.

Although a gut microbiome does not often change, taking antibiotics or another drug that can alter the body’s bacteria may change a person’s demeanour as a result.

“These new findings support previous studies which reported that feelings of energy are associated with metabolic processes, while feelings of fatigue are associated with inflammatory processes,” lead researcher Dr. Ali Boolani, a physical therapy professor at Clarkson, said in a statement.

“Since we are still learning about the gut microbiome, we don’t know whether if we try to change our personality trait, we might see a change in gut microbiome; or if we try to change our gut microbiome, we might also change our personality trait,” Boolani said

For the study, published in the journal Nutrients, the team gathered data from 20 participants, the report said.

Each participant was filtered to ensure they had not recently used medicine to affect their microbiome. Using stool samples, researchers examined different bacteria levels in each participant.

They were also interviewed on four traits the Boolani believes are the base of a person’s personality: mental energy, mental fatigue, physical energy, and physical fatigue.

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