WhatsApp's Secret Code Feature: Unlocking Locked Chats on Android

According to reports, certain beta testers are receiving access to a new secret code feature for closed chats on Android from Meta-owned WhatsApp.

The list of users’ locked conversations may contain a new settings section, according to WABetaInfo, that gives users the ability to conceal the entry point to enter restricted chats. To be more precise, the chat list’s access point for seeing locked chats will vanish after a secret code has been configured. Alternatively, by typing the secret code into the Chats tab’s search field, users can access these chats,” the study stated.

According to the research, this function helps users improve their privacy because it eliminates the entrance point to the list of locked chats, making it difficult for other people to find or access the discussions that are locked. This will effectively prevent unintentional or unauthorised entry into sensitive chats by making it difficult for others to recognize or access these secured conversations.

Even if someone manages to physically touch a user’s phone, they won’t be able to view your private talks because the closed chats list is concealed.

According to the analysis, concealing the list of locked conversations also aids in preventing exposure because anyone can deduce that there might be some locked discussions. In the meantime, WhatsApp has introduced a new location-hiding feature called “Protect IP Address in Calls” from other parties on the call.

By relaying calls through WhatsApp Servers, the new option ensures that other parties in the call cannot see your IP address and hence determine your general geographical position. This effectively masks your IP address from the other party.

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