Shivam Dube has been in outstanding form, and former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar has acknowledged this, saying that the all-rounder is not just an all-around backup for Hardik Pandya but a competitor who is actively trying to get into the T20 World Cup team.

In addition to securing wins for India, Shivam Dube’s rapid ascent in the Twenty20 International series against Afghanistan established him as a strong candidate for the T20 World Cup in 2024. Discussions amongst cricket enthusiasts and experts centered on Dube’s consistent and impactful performances, while Hardik Pandya’s fitness remained a concern.

Even if Pandya were fit, Dube’s performances were making it difficult for selectors to consider dropping him, Gavaskar stressed.

“Oh, listen, what if Hardik is unfit?’ We have been discussing him a lot. I believe he is ensuring that, even in the event that Hardik is fit, he is traveling with the World Cup team. It is difficult for anyone to let go of you when you perform like this. If the selectors choose to bench him, it will be a very difficult choice. The selectors are having a headache because he is exerting every effort possible, according to Gavaskar.

In Mohali, Dube’s flawless sixty-run innings demonstrated both his batting ability and his usefulness with the ball, helping India win by six wickets. His impressive figures of 1-9 in two overs showcased his versatility. The momentum carried over to Indore, where Dube’s brilliant 63 not out of 32 deliveries gave India a decisive 2-0 series lead.

The master of cricket continued, praising Dube’s increased self-assurance on the international scene and pointing out that the all-round player had gained the respect of his teammates. Gavaskar noted that Dube had improved his understanding of the game and had stopped copying other players in favor of concentrating on displaying his special abilities and qualities.

I believe that following these two games, he now has a sense of belonging on the international scene. Thanks to two outstanding performances, he has earned the respect and admiration of his teammates.”

“I believe he is simply much more at ease with his own style of play. He is more adept at his own game. He’s no longer attempting to imitate anyone. Gavaskar said, “He’s saying, This is what I can do and what I bring to the table.

Selectors faced a delightful quandary as Dube’s story progressed from being a replacement to a player who had carved out his own niche, just as the cricketing world eagerly awaited the announcement of the T20 World Cup squad.

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