Karnataka Assembly Election 2023: How People Reacts

Karnataka Assembly Election 2023: How People ReactsOn Wednesday, May 10, voters will cast their ballots for the 224-member Karnataka Legislative Assembly, and on Saturday, May 13, the results of the vote-counting will be discussed.

Despite a fierce backlash from prominent figures like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party may find itself in a sticky situation in Karnataka as polls indicate that the Congress may outperform its rival in the elections scheduled for May 10.

The BJP made significant gains in the last stretch of the campaign, but the final ABP-C-Voter opinion poll for the Karnataka Assembly elections still places the Congress in the lead.

The survey predicts that the Congress will win 110–122 seats out of the Assembly’s 224 members. Any party needs 113 votes to reach the magic number needed to create a simple majority administration.

The BJP lost in the India Today-C-Voter poll as well, receiving only 74-86 seats. Additionally, according to the poll, Siddaramaiah, a leader for the Congress, received 42% of the votes, with Basavaraj Bommai receiving 31%.

In a same vein, a pre-election poll by the Kannada publication Eedina predicted that Congress will win a strong majority with 132-140 seats. With a vote share of 33%, it estimated that the BJP will win between 57 and 65 seats.

India has emerged as the fifth largest economy in the world and we aim to elevate the country’s economy to the top three in the world. This could be possible only if the economy of Karnataka grows and attains the goal of becoming the number economy in the country,” the prime minister said.

The Congress has run a constructive and positive campaign. However, the opposition has not spoken about their plans for Karnataka’s development,” Rahul Gandhi said.(Source: indiatoday)

It is very important for a state to chose a party that believes in the unity of society and the welfare of all. The BJP is one party which works on such ideologies,” the home minister added. (Source: indiatoday)

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