Blinkit offers "free dhaniya" with vegetables, customers also request "hari mirch."

Following the recommendation of a user’s mother who had to pay for “dhaniya” (coriander) on Blinkit while purchasing vegetables, Zomato’s grocery delivery service is now providing “free dhaniya” with vegetable orders.

Many customers have expressed gratitude to the company for this action, but they have also requested that “hari mirch,” or green chili, be added to the vegetables.

“Now it’s happening! Thank you everybody, Ankit’s mother. In the upcoming weeks, we will refine the feature,” Blinkit CEO Albinder Dhindsa wrote on X.

The X user Ankit Sawant brought attention to the lack of freebies, such as “free dhaniya,” that are usual in traditional markets when purchasing veggies.

“When Mom had to utilize Blinkit to pay for Dhaniya, she had a tiny heart attack. Sawant commented, “@albinder-Mom is saying you should bundle it for free with a certain amount of veggies.”

“Will do” was the CEO of Blinkit’s immediate response after being tagged in the post. Later, Dhindsa revealed the launch of the “free dhaniya” option in a follow-up post, crediting the user’s mother with the idea.

With over 950K views and over 9,000 likes, this debate has gotten a lot of traction. Many people expressed gratitude for the change and requested the addition of the “hari mirch” option.

“Dhaniya ke sath mirchi bhi dal dete (add chilli along with coriander),” an individual wrote.

“Hi! + Hari Mirch + Dhaniya. No Sirf Dhaniya is permitted. (Coriander alone is prohibited),” a another user posted.

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