All People will have personal AI assistants like ChatGPT: Web Inventor

All People will have personal AI assistants like ChatGPT: Web Inventor

The inventor of the World Wide Web (commonly known as the Web), Tim Berners-Lee claimed that in the future, everybody will have their own personal AI helper, similar to ChatGPT. Berners-Lee explained his new company’s vision for people having online “pods” where all of their personal data is saved in a recent episode of CNBC’s Beyond the Valley programme.

Berners-Lee co-founded the business Inrupt, which promises to give web users a single login that can be used across several websites.

Inrupt’s efforts to build that technology include storing the data of specific users in digital containers. The pods will be able to allow websites or services access to some or all of a person’s personal information, including sleeping habits and purchasing preferences.

When they become a reality, Berners-Lee said that an advanced AI-powered chatbot, like the ChatGPT phenomena, may use the pods to serve as a virtual personal assistant.

“We call it Charlie. Charlie is an AI that works for you,” Berners-Lee said.

He claimed that the chatbot he envisioned wouldn’t be connected to big tech, unlike existing virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

According to the report, Berners-Lee said that it would legally “work for” its user, much like an agent or a lawyer.
If Charlie actually does work for him, he continued, “I will trust it with all of my data and expect it to be far more perceptive.”

“That AI will see everything you’ve purchased from Amazon in your pods, as well as your fitness data, nutrition, and everything you’ve eaten” (so on). Hence, if you install an AI on your pod, it will have access to a lot more fascinating features than anything like Siri or Alexa that operate over these siloes [where] they’re limited,” Berners-Lee said.

The inventor of the web further said that the power of any AI bot ‘all depends on the data.’

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